WAEC Basketry Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Expo/Runs) Objective/Theory

WAEC Basketry Questions and Answers Questions 2022/2023 Exams are here.  Download likely Basketry Expo for WAEC Candidates who are ready to score very high in the ongoing examination should make good use of this guide on WAEC Basketry Answers to questions.

WAEC Basketry Questions and Answers

In this article sylvastallone.com team will provide all the necessary information needed to pass WAEC Basketry very well. To make effective use of this page, follow the instructions given accordingly.

There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2, and 3 all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will
be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting. WAEC Objectives and theory answers for Basketry.

WAEC Basketry Objectives 2022 Questions and Answers

In the objectives part of the exams, candidates are required to take just an option. Don’t be confused, try reading the questions over and over again before choosing your option. Below is WAEC Past Sample Questions.

1. In siting a basketry industry, the initial factor to be considered is

  • A. distance from market.
    B. population in the area.
    C. proximity to competitor.
    D. proximity to raw materials.

2. A weaver should be

  • A. brittle.
    B. pliable.
    C. stiff.
    D. tough.

3. A basketry tool that is easily improvised is

  • A. cutlass.
    B. hammer.
    C. saw.
    D. scraper.

4. A tool used in removing hairs from finished basketry work is the

  • A. bodkin.
    B. pliers.
    C. rapping iron
    D. singeing lamp.

5. How many weavers are used in pairing?

  • A. One
    B. Two
    C. Three
    D. Four

SEE: WAEC TimeTable

WAEC Basketry 2022 Essay Questions and Answers

The essay part is otherwise known as the theory part. in this Section, you are be expected to answers the questions you know best following the number of questions required by the instruction for each candidate to attempt. Make sure you make good use of this page.

1. (a) Explain business plan in basketry? [3 marks]
(b) What are the important components in business plan? [3 marks]
( c) Discuss three possible problems that can occur in an
basketry industry without planning. [ 9 marks]

2. (a) Discuss three ways that bush fire affects the basketry
industry? [6 marks]

(b) Explain three ways to sustain the basketry industry. [9 marks]

3. (a) List three challenges facing the basketry industry in Ghana. [3 marks]
(b) Discuss three of the challenges and suggest solutions. [12 marks]

4. Comment on the statement “The design and technology approach is the
best way to produce quality basketry articles to satisfy a need.” [15 marks]


Project Work

1. Design and make a serving tray that can carry three bottles and six cups.
2. Using any local materials design and make a protective covering for a big Akpeteshi

Basketry Expo/Runs

The likely WAEC Basketry exam updates on expo will be made available on this page as the exams are Ongoing, keep checking back.

ATTENTTION! Try as much as possible to understand the questions before writing the answers. Your time management is also important.

Do not waste much time on one question. The instructions on the question paper are for you, try your best to follow them.

 I believe the WAEC Basketry Questions and Answers PDF guide is of great benefits to you. Use the comments section below for your comments.

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