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Download Free WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Objectives/ theory PDF, WAEC Biology Objectives, and theory Questions and answers. Candidates writing the ongoing exams should expect from Biology Questions exams. In this article, you will have SSCE Answers tips and likely Biology WAEC Questions and Answers PDF.

WAEC biology Questions and Answers

If you are looking for the Latest correct WAEC Biology Expo runs/runs PDF for Paper 1 & 2 ( OBJ & theory), Try as much as possible to read this article closely and practice the WAEC Biology Past Questions and Answers made available to foster your performance in ongoing Biology SSCE Exams without runs/expo.

All Candidates are expected to read and answer the WAEC Biology Objectives and theory question in such a way that it corresponds to the WAEC Marking Scheme. follow the exam instructions to pass well when the result is out.

Read more on Solutions to Biology Paper 1 & 2 Questions and Answers for WAEC Exams below.

Download WAEC Biology 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

The WASSCE Biology Exam questions and answers are made available for download. To make effective use of the updates, candidates are advised to download a PDF format to their devices. The Following are past Objectives  WAEC Questions and Answers for Biology exams

1. One of the following reasons has to do with warming soup regularly as it concerns food preservation.

  • A. kill the bacteria in it
  • B. help to break down cellulose
  • C. remove excess water
  • D. retain the taste
  • E. raise the temperature

The Answer is A (kill the bacteria in it)

2. One of the following is not the adaptation for water conservation in organisms.

  • A. spine in plants
  • B. scales on leaves
  • C. thick leaves
  • D. scales in fishes
  • E. succulent stem

The Correct Answer is D (scales in fishes)

3. Which of the following is not a way of conserving natural resources?

  • A. protecting endangered species
  • B. Establishing forest reserve
  • C. Establishing of parks and gardens
  • D. Encouraging poaching in game reserve
  • E. controlling farming practice

The Answer is D (Encouraging poaching in game reserve)

4. Which of the following blood components has the greatest affinity for oxygen and carbon dioxide?

  • A. Erythrocytes
  • B. Thrombocytes
  • C. Leucocytes
  • D. Blood plasma
  • E. Lymphocytes

The Correct Answer is A (Erythrocytes)

5. Which structure in the maize grain stores food?

  • A. Radicle
  • B. Endosperm.
  • C. Cytoplasm
  • D. Seed coat
  • E. Embryo

The Answer is B (Endosperm.)

6. All Except one is not regarded as a micro-nutrient or trace element for plant growth?

  • A. Phosphorus
  • B. Silicon
  • C. Boron
  • D. Zinc
  • E. Molybdenum

The Answer is A (Phosphorus)

7. Which of the following factors is not associated with aquatic habitat?

  • A. Turbidity
  • B. Light intensity
  • C. Wave action
  • D. Temperature
  • E. Humidity

The Correct Answer is E (Humidity)

8. The causative organism of sleeping sickness is the?

  • A. penicillin
  • B. Plasmodium
  • C. Vibrio bacterium
  • D. Trypanosome
  • E. tsetse fly

The Answer is D (Trypanosome)

9. A constituent of the exhaust gases of motor vehicles which causes serious air pollution is

  • A. carbon monoxide
  • B. carbondioxide
  • C. water vapour
  • D. oxygen
  • E. ozone

The Answer is A (carbon monoxide)

10. During blood transfusion, agglutination may occur as a result of the reaction between

  • A. similar antigens and antibodies
  • B. white blood cells from the two individuals.
  • C. two different antigens
  • D. two different antibodies
  • E. contrasting antigens and antibodies

The Correct Answer is E (contrasting antigens and antibodies)

To get the exam Answers available, we advise candidates to keep checking for any updates regarding the exams here.

In addition to that, make sure you read the objectives Questions not less than three-time before providing the answer.

If you rush to pick any answer based on your previous knowledge, you are likely going to fail because the questions may not portray what is in your mind.

WAEC Biology Past Questions and Answers Carefully read and take note of the following questions

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How to get Biology Essay Questions and Answers for WAEC 2023

As earlier stated, keep checking for the WAEC Biology updates that are available for download. Every other detail will be out with time. Before you submit your answer booklet, make sure you read the answer you have provided. This is to help you make some necessary corrections where applicable.

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Where to get Biology Expo/Runs 2023/2024 for WAEC SSCE

The Biology exams expo is given above in form of Past Questions and Answers. Candidates who wish to have access to the latest expo are to always visit this page to see updates on the biology exams. The following should be gone while writing the exams:

  • Adhere to the exam’s instruction.
  • do not allow someone to distract you.
  • Make sure your Name, Exams No, and other exams details are neatly written on you answer booklet
  • Start with the questions you know best.
  • Check back for updates.

Biology WAEC Exams Schedule

The management of the West African Examination Council (WASSEC) has scheduled the examination to favor all candidates. Make sure you make reference to the WAEC Timetable to know the schedule for the exams.

I hope the WAEC Biology Questions and Answers guideline is helpful, All questions regarding the exams are to be submitted on the comments box below.

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