WAEC Book Keeping Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Expo/Runs) PDF Objectives/Essay

WAEC Book Keeping Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Available for Objective and Essay. Candidates are required to make good use of the Book Keeping likely expo/runs for WAEC provided on our website. The Ongoing Bookkeeping  WAEC Questions and Answers updates are made to help all candidates.

WAEC Bookkeeping Questions and Answers

Download likely WAEC Bookkeeping Answers PDF Objectives and theory now. In this article, Students are to make effective use of the WAEC past BookKeeping questions and answers Paper1 &2).

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has provided all the required material to Foster the Book keeping exams. WAEC Objectives and theory questiona and answers for Book keeping.

WAEC Book Keeping Objectives Questions and Answers 2022

The  Book keeping Questions and Answers will be made available for easy access and download. Students should be sure of the answers before putting it down.

The questions you are seeing there are fresh new questions, forget about what you saw before the exams may be in your past Questions. Any claim to have seen the questions somewhere may make you fail

Try and read the questions at least thrice before coming to a conclusion.

The following are past questions:

1. A statement drawn up to show assets and liabilities is
A. bank statement.
B. balance sheet.
C. statement of account.
D. general journal.

2. Discounts allowed and received are recorded in the
A. three Column Cash Book.
B. bank Statement.
C. single Column Cash Book.
D. petty Cash Book.

3. Which of the following is not a trial balance item?
A. Opening stock
B. Closing stock
C. Capital
D. Discounts received

4. The excess of expenditure over income in an income and expenditure account is
A. loss.
B. balance.
C. deficit
D. profit

More objectives questions and answers for bookkeeping WAEC exam loading..

WAEC 2022 Book Keeping Essay Questions and Answers

The Book Keeping WAEC essay answers is out in the form of BookKeeping past questions and answers to help students and to show them the standard of the exam.

The following are past questions for practice:

1. Explain the following terms:
(a) Trial balance
(b) Petty cash book
(c) Bad debts
(d) Balance Sheet
(e) General Journal

2. (a) Explain the term depreciation of asset.
(b) Give eight examples of depreciable asset.
(c) Outline two methods of calculating depreciation

3. (a) What is a control account?
(b) State four uses of control account.
(c) State five uses of control account.

Latest theory questions and answers loading.,

Make sure that you start with the question you know best. In addition, manage your time very well while in the exams hall and adhere to all the instructions guiding the exams,

Bookkeeping Expo/Runs for 2022 WAEC SSCE Exams

The WAEC Bookkeeping likely Expo Questions and Answers is coming your way, keep checking back as the exams are going on.


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