WAEC Business Management Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Expo/Runs) Objectives/Theory

WAEC Business Management Questions and Answers Questions 2022/2023 Exams are here. Candidates who are ready to pass in the ongoing Business Management WAEC examination should make good use of this opportunity with likely WAEC Business Management expo.

In this article sylvastallone.com team will provide all the vital information needed to pass WAEC 2022 Business Management very well. To make effective use of this page, follow the instructions given on the business management exam accordingly.

WAEC Business Management Questions and Answers

PAPER: 1 This will consist of fifty compulsory multiple-choice objective questions which will cover the entire syllabus and will carry 30 marks. It will last1 hour.

PAPER: 2 It will consist of a compulsory case study question and seven other essay questions, out of which candidates will be expected to answer any three. .

WAEC Business Management 2022 Objectives Questions and Answers

In the objectives part of the exams, candidates are required to take just an option. Don’t be confused, try reading the questions over and over again before choosing your option.

SEE: WAEC Timetables

WAEC Business Management Essay Questions and Answers

The essay part is otherwise known as the theory part. in this Section, you are be expected to answers the questions you know best following the number of questions required by the instruction for each candidate to attempt. Make sure you make good use of this page.

1.1 Meaning and Process of

1.2 Forms of Business

1.3 Business and Society

1.1.1 Meaning of Management and
1.1.2 Basic Functions of Management
1.1.3 Levels of Management
1.1.4 Types and Roles of Managers 1.1.5 Difference between Administration
and Management

1.2.1 Meaning of Business Organization
1.2.2. Identification of Major Forms: (Sole
Proprietorship, Partnership, (Sole Proprietorship,
Limited Liability Company, Public
orations, Co-operative society) Co-operative society) Company, Public orations, Co-operative society)
1.2.3. Procedures for the
advantages and disadvantages of each
1.2.4 Causes of business failure.

1.3.1 Meaning of Business Environment
Business Environment, Business Environment, Environment Business Environment,
1.3.2 Forces in the Businesses Environment Environment
1.3.3 Ethical, legal and social
responsibilities of Businesses. responsibilities of Businesses.
1.3.4 Primary and Secondary stakeholders –
meaning and differences.
1.3.5 Responsibilities of businesses towards

2.1.1 Meaning and importance of planning of planning
2.1.2 Steps in planning, Types of planning, Limitations to planning
.2.1.3 Meaning and of planning, Limitations
to planning
2.1.3 Meaning and importance of decision
making. importance of decision making. planning importance of decision making. stakeholders. businesses towards stakeholders. 1.


2.2 Organizing

2.3 Directing

2.4 Controlling 2.1.4 Step in the decision making process.
2.1.5 Types of (Programmed and Non-
programmed) decisions. Non-programmed) decisions. making process. 2.1.5 Types of (Programmed and Non-programmed) decisions.
2.1.6 Levels of management decisions.

2.2.1 Meaning, importance and activities of
2.2.2 Principles of organizing,
Organizational structure and
Organizational chart
2.2.3 Centralization and decentralization-
meaning differences, advantages and
2.2.4 Meaning and benefits of delegation.
2.2.5 Reasons why managers do not delegate
2.2.6 Reasons why subordinates do not
accept Delegation
2.2.7 Guidelines for delegation, etc.


Business Management Expo for WAEC SSCE 2022

The likely WAEC Business Management exam updates on expo will be made available on this page as the exams are Ongoing, keep checking back.

Try as much as possible to understand the questions before writing the answers. Your time management is also important.

Do not waste much time on one question. The instructions on the question paper is for you, try your best to follow them

If there is any questions about the WAEC Business Management Questions and Answers, use the comments section below.

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