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Download free WAEC Chemistry Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Objectives/Theory, WAEC Chemistry Objectives, and theory questions and answers. Passing the Ongoing WAEC SSCE Examination with a good grade is the wish of all Science Students. Download Verified Chemistry WAEC Questions and Answers OBJ & theory and Likely WAEC Chemistry Expo for free today.

WAEC Chemistry Questions and Answers

The  West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams Chemistry exams Questions and Answers Paper 1 and 2 (OBJ & Theory) are found here with WAEC Chemistry Past Questions and Answers for practice purposes. The most important thing is to Read and Follow the Chemistry Questions and answers for WAEC exams instructions accordingly.

Do you want to know how to have access to the WAEC Chemistry Questions paper for the Exams? This is one of the major things you need to know. The exam schedule is indicated in the WAEC TimeTable.

The likely Chemistry Questions for WAEC are ready for the Exams. it is now your duty to make good use of the resources provided here.

WAEC Chemistry Objectives 2023 Questions and Answers PDF

The Chemistry Examination will come in two parts in order words you will be taking paper one and paper two.

Paper one is the Objectives section. The questions will come with multiple choices. The options will be there for you, make sure you answer them wisely.

Sample Objectives Question and Answers for WAEC Chemistry.

1. The gas that can be collected by downward displacement of air is…..

  • A. Chlorine
  • B. Sulphur (iv) oxide
  • C. Carbon (iv)oxide
  • D. Ammonia

Correct Answer: D ( Ammonia)

2. Which of the following when heated strongly in air will leave a metal as residue?

  • A. Sodium trioxonitrate (v)
  • B. Potassium trioxonitrate (v)
  • C.  Silver trioxonitrate (v)
  • D. Lead(II) trioxonitrate(v)

Correct Answer: D (Lead(II) trioxonitrate(v))

3. The major raw material in a plastic industry is

  • A. methylethanoate
  • B. sulphur
  • C. ethanol
  • D. ethane
  • E. ethene

Answer E (ethene)

4. How many carbon atoms are there in a benzene ring?

  • A. 7
  • B. 5
  • C. 6
  • D. 4
  • E. 8

Correct Answer: C (6)

5. If 200cm 3 of a gas at s.t.p. has a mass of 0.268g, what is its molar mass? (Molar volume of a gas at s.t.p. = 22.4 dm3)

  • A. 150g
  • B. 200g
  • C. 300g
  • D. 30g
  • E. 15g

The Answer: D (30g)

6. When an element can exist in two or more forms in the same physical state, the element is said to exhibit

  • A. hygroscopy
  • B. isomerism
  • C. allotropy
  • D. isotopy
  • E. sublimation

The Answer: C (allotropy)

7. Octane number is highest in petrol containing a high proportion of

  • A. heptane
  • B. octane
  • C 2,2,4-trimethylpentane
  • D. 2, 4-dimethylpentane
  • E. . 2-methylpentane

The answer is: C (2,2,4-trimethylpentane)

Practice Questions for Chemistry

1. The existence of an element in two or more forms in the same physical state is known as…

  • A. Allotropy
  • B. Hybridisation
  • C. Isomerism
  • D. Isotopy


2. Pollution of underground water by metal ions is very likely in a soil that has high  ________

  • A. Acidity
  • B. Alkalinity
  • C. Chloride content
  • D. Nitrate content


3. Producer gas is a gas with low caloric value because it contains more ____

  • A. CO2 than O2
  • B. N2 than CO
  • C. CO2 than N2
  • D. N2 than CO2


How can you answer these objective questions? The questions are always very simple. Candidates fail because they fail to Read and Understand the questions very well. Take your time and read each question at least Twice before providing Answers.

Check out: WAEC Result Here

Chemistry objectives questions and answers for WAEC SSCE Exams loading…

2023 Chemistry Essay Questions and Answers for WAEC

This is the second part of the Examination that you will be expected to write down the answer in your answer booklet.

When the booklet is given to you, the first thing to do is to fill your details where necessary. Remember, writing all the correct answers without your name and other details on your booklet are useless. It is as good as not participating in the Exams at all. So make you do that first.

WAEC Chemistry Sample Questions

1.Explain the following:

  • (a) Saponification
  • (b) micelle
  • (c) Oils
  • (d) Fats
  • (e) Saturated Fatty acid
  • (f) Unsaturated Fatty acid

2.Draw a structural formula for each of the following:

  • (i) methyl methanoate
  • (ii) 2- methyl butanoic acid
  • (iii) diethylamine
  • (iv) hexane -16- diamine
  • (v)  benzene-1,4-dicarboxylic acid

3.  (a)Describe with the aid of equation and diagram how trioxonitrate(v) is prepared in the laboratory

4. (a)Define Allotropy

  • (b) Name two allotropes of carbon. How it can be shown that they are different forms of the same elements?
  • (c) Mention two processes by which carbon(iv)oxide is released into the atmosphere.
  • (d) State two properties of carbon(iv) oxide which can make it suitable for use as extinguishers.

Another point is that, do not struggle with questions immediately the exams commence. Start with the questions you know best. Remember are not required to answer all from this section, so try and pick out the best questions for yourself.

When you finish, endeavor to cross-check your work before submitting the answer booklet.

Chemistry theory questions and answers for WAEC SSCE Exams loading…

Where to get WAEC Chemistry Expo/Runs for 2023 SSCE

The likely Chemistry exams expo is given above and will be updated with time to meet demand as the exams are Ongoing. Check back.

How to answer Chemistry Questions:

The following steps are taken while answers the exams Questions:

  • Read the questions not less than three times
  • Try and understand every aspect of the questions
  • Do not Rush to answer questions
  • Adhere to instructions ( list when asked to list and explain where explanation is needed.)
  • Answer only questions meant for your country.
  • Make your Name and other details about your are Carefully written where required.
  • Always begin with Questions you know very well.
  • Cross check your answers before submission.

WAEC Chemistry Schedule Date and Time:

To make an effective preparation for the exams, Use your WAEC Timetable. The Date and Time for the Examination is indicated in the Timetable.


  • WAEC Syllabus for Literature

Chemistry Exams Marking Scheme

The West African Examination Council is responsible for the setting and marking of the Examination. The marking scheme already is out. To make A’s or B’s in the Exams, present your Answers appropriately.

I hope the WAEC Chemistry Questions and Answers was very useful to you. Feel free to use the comment box for any questions, we will give you feedback shortly.

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