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 WAEC GCE Agric Science Question and Answers 2022/2023 Essay and Objectives. Learn how to answer WAEC GCE Agricultural science questions, download Verified Agric Science WAEC Questions and Answers, and Sure Agric Science expo/runs for WAEC GCE.

This article will show you likely WAEC GCE Agricultural Questions runs/expo and give you the most expected exam questions drawn from the WAEC Agric Past Questions and Answers WAEC Scheme for practice and educational purposes only.

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WAEC GCE Agricu Science

WAEC GCE 2022 Agric Science Objectives Questions and Answers

Before now, we believed you have undergone the following steps

  1. Covered WAEC GCE Agric syllabus 2022
  2. made use of the recommended textbooks
  3. Have self-confidence
  4. Pray to God your Creator
  5. Followed the questions presented to you very well

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(1) A farmer has a large piece of land on which he grows wheat year after year.
What is the name for this type of farming?

  • A crop rotation
  • B mixed farming
  • C monoculture
  • D organic farming.

WAEC 2022 GCE Agric Science Essay Questions

You are required to Answer only four questions.

The following are Past Questions for practice purposes.

1. (a) For a named ruminant, describe signs that can indicate ill health in the animal.
(b) Explain how suitable housing and living conditions can help to prevent the outbreak of
disease in farm livestock.

2. (a) Describe treatments that can be used to improve the quality of pastures on grazing land.

(b) Describe how fences can be used to improve the productivity of land used for grazing.

(c) Suggest ways in which fencing and improving grazing land can increase returns for a farmer.

3. Many farmers use and store farm chemicals such as herbicides.
Describe and explain the precautions that should be taken when
(a) using farm chemicals;
(b) storing farm chemicals.

4. (a) A small farm is far from the nearest town or city. Suggest reasons why the farmer might
decide that mixed farming will be more beneficial than monoculture in this situation.

(b) Outline the factors that a farmer will consider when deciding on the type of enterprise his
farm is best suited to.

5. (a) Describe the ways in which different types of weeds are spread.
(b) Describe the ways in which weeds can be controlled.

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How to Answer WAEC Agric questions

The following steps will guide you on how to tackle the Agric exam questions appropriately:

  1. Fill your Details on the answer booklet and required
  2. Read all the instructions provided on the Agric exam questions paper
  3. Call the attention of the invigilators where necessary
  4. Answers Questions meant for only your country
  5. Read and understand the questions before proceeding to answer.
  6. Start with the questions you know best
  7. Ensures that your handwriting is readable
  8. Go through your work before submission.


WAEC Agricultural Science Expo/Runs 2022

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