WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Essay & Objectives) PDF Expo

WAEC GCE Civic Education Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (OBJ & Essay) PDF Download: Likely Verified WAEC GCE Civic Education Expo today for free and learn how to answer WAEC GCE Civic education objectives and theory 2022 questions at ease.

WAEC GCE Civic Education

Get the latest version of our Civic Education 2022 WAEC GCE Questions and Answers for Paper 1 & 2 as you read on. The Civic Education exams are easy, make sure A1 today. WAEC Civic education runs with no Subscription. Make sure you read and adhere to exams guideliness provided here fpr all candidates.

IMPORTANT! The West African Examination Council (WAEC) had released the necessary updates and materials for the successful conduction of the WAEC GCE exams. Follow our WAEC Civic Education exam Questions and answers Success guide here.

WAEC GCE Civic Education 2022 Objectives Questions and Answers

The WAEC GCE Civic Education Objectives Questions and answers are currently given to you in form of past questions, practice the past Civic education Objectives answers below for the ongoing ones.



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WAEC GCE Civic Education Theory Answers to Questions 2022 PDF

PAPER-II (Essay)

The theory part of Civic education is very different for the objectives section, as such, candidates should pay great attention to the instructions, read and understand the questions before making moves.

Practice the following NECO Civic Education Past Questions.

1. (a) Define citizenship education?
(b) Mention the four roles of citizenship education that you know.

2. (a) Define inter-communal conflict?
(b) Highlight four ways of resolving inter-communal conflicts in Nigeria.

3. Describe five ways the legislature can contribute to the development of democracy in

4. (a) What is democracy.
(b) State four ways of promoting democracy in Nigeria.

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Civic Education Expo/Runs for WAEC GCE 2022

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has made available all the necessary materials to foster the progress of the ongoing exams. All candidates looking for GCE Expo on Civic education should check back while practicing the sample questions above.


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