WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2021/2022 (Expo) Objectives/Essay | Free Download PDF

WAEC Government Questions and Answers 2021/2022 to Objectives/Essay. Download likely WAEC Government Expo runs and learn how to Answer Government WAEC questions at ease. Candidates interested in the runs should make good use of the randomly repeated WAEC 2021 Government Answers.

I hope you are ready to get the latest WAEC Government Questions and solutions? With the Exam Expo/runs Candidates will be able to answer the questions and Pass very well.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Schedule from the timetable is …….. You will Also Have WAEC Government Past Questions and Answers to get you adequately prepared.

WAEC Government Questions and Answers

With the aid of WAEC government questions and answers, the student will be able to have access to some tips that will help them to solve problems. To successfully make the best out of this page, follow the instructions given accordingly.

WAEC Government Objectives Questions and Answers 2021 PDF

The WASSCE Government Examination Will have Two parts, the Objectives, and the theory Section. This is otherwise known as Paper 1 and paper 2

Paper 1: This is the objective section which may consist of 50 questions or more whereby candidates are expected to attempt all questions.

Paper 2: The is an essay part containing at least six questions for candidates to attempt any four. the time assigned is always 2 hours.

SEE: WAEC TimeTable

Practice WAEC Government Sample Questions and Answers

During the exam period, you will be required to read the questions carefully and take the right option.

  1. The federal system of government whereby the power is shared between the Centre and state governments is known as…
  • A. legislative power
  • B. exclusive power
  • C. concurrent power
  • D. judicial power

Answer: C ( Concurrent Power)

2. One of the following is an advantage of quick decision making

  • A. unicameralism
  • B. constitutionalism
  • C. federalism
  • D. republicanism

Answer: A ( unicameralism )

3. The prerogative power resides with the …

  • A. ombudsman
  • B. executive
  • C. national assembly
  • D. civil organization

Answer: B ( Executive)

4. The organ of government responsible for the implementation of policies in a state is known as….

  • A. legislature
  • B. judiciary
  • C. executive
  • D. public bureau

Answer: C (Executive)

5. A citizen is an individual who

  • A. has the legal and political rights in a country
  • B. has lived in a country for sometime
  • C. enjoys only economic rights
  • D. enjoys immunity in the country

Answer: A (A citizen has the legal and political rights in a country)

6. …… is a condition for granting citizenship to a foreigner?

  • A. Swearing an oath of allegiance
  • B. Possession of a university degree
  • C. A registered member of a political party
  • D. Possession of an international passport

Answer: A (Swearing an oath of allegiance)

7. Citizenship can be acquired through all of the following methods except

  • A. birth
  • B. nationalization
  • C. naturalization
  • D. marriage

Answer: B (nationalization)

8. Which of the following exists in a one – party state?

  • A. Only the workers party is allowed to exist
  • B. Only the students’ party is allowed to exist
  • C. Elections to the legislature are held at the party’s conference
  • D. The ruling party is the only legal party

Answer: D

9. Which of the following party systems best represents all shades of opinions?

  • A. Multi-party
  • B. Two -party
  • C. One- party
  • D. Elite- party

Answer: A

Explanation: A multi-party system is a political system in which multiple political parties across the political spectrum run for national election, and all have the capacity to gain control of government offices, separately or in coalition.

10. The practice of multi – party system in West Africa tends to promote

  • A. sectionalism and factionalism
  • B. national integration
  • C. social discrimination
  • D. economic integration

Download WAEC Government Essay Questions and Answers 2021

This is Paper 2 where you will be required to select any four you know best and answers.

PAPER 2 (Essay)
Answer only Four questions in the section.
Write your answers in the answer booklet provided.

(a) State six functions of government of a state.
(b) State five reasons for the study of government.

  1. (a) Explain the concept of political participation.
    (b) Highlight any four methods of political participation.
  2. (a) What are the limitations to the application of Rule of law?
    (b) Highlight the merits and demerits of a two-party system.
  3. (a) Highlight any four major objectives of the foreign policy of anyone West African Country.
    (b) Outline any four ways of preventing military intervention in politics.
  4. Highlight five reasons for the slow rate of nationalism in French-speaking West Africa.
  5. Identify five challenges facing the Commonwealth of Nations.

Where to get WAEC 2021 Government Expo 

To have access to the WAEC exams available, Candidates should checking for any updates regarding the exams here. In addition to that, make sure you read the Questions not less than three-time before providing the solutions.


How to Answer Government Questions in WAEC

The following are the steps that will guide students on how to Answer WAEC Government questions Successfully

1. Follow the Exams instructions

2. Read and understand the Exams questions

3. Do not spend much time in one Question

4. Avoid Laziness in the Examination hall

5. Make sure to start from the questions you know Best

6.Confirm your work before submitting it

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