WAEC Health Education Questions And Answers 2023/2024 ( Expo) Objectives/Essay PDF Updated

Correct WAEC Health Education 2023/2024 Questions and Answers Objectives/Essay Exams are here. See likely Health Education WAEC Questions and answers for Theory and OBJ. Candidates who are ready to score good grades ongoing WAEC Health Education examination should make good use of this likely Expo/runs today.

WAEC Health Education Questions and Answers

In this article, sylvastallone.com team will provide all the necessary information needed to pass WAEC Health Education Paper 1 &2 (OBJ & Theory) very well. Read more about Objectives and Essay Health Education Questions and Answers for WAEC

To make effective use of this page, follow the instructions given accordingly, We equally have Solutions to past Questions from Health Education Exams for you.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has provided all the centers with all the necessary materials for the smooth running if the health Education Exams.

Download  WAEC Health Education Objectives 2023 Questions and Answers

In the objectives part of the health education exams, candidates are required to take just an option. Don’t be confused, try reading the questions over and over again before choosing your option.


1. The diagram below is an illustration of the male urine-genitial system study it carefully and use it to answer question 1(a) to 1(c)

(a) Name the parts labelled I to VIII
(b) State one function each of the parts labelled V,VI, and VIII
(c) Name three diseases associated with the system.

2. The diagram below illustration the skeleton system of humans
Study it carefully and use it to answer questions 2(a) to 2(d).

SEE: WAEC TimeTable

How to Get WAEC Health Education Theory Questions and Answers

The health education essay part is otherwise known as the theory part. in this Section, you are be expected to answers the questions you know best following the number of questions required by the instruction for each candidate to attempt. Make sure you make good use of this page.

1. (a) (i) What are enzymes?
(ii) State five characteristics of enzymes
(iii) Name two enzymes involved in carbohydrate digestion in the body

(b) Name the end-product of digestion of
(i) carbohydrates;
(ii) proteins;
(iii) fats.

(c) State two uses each of the following classes of food:
(i) proteins;
(ii) vitamins.

(d) State two ways each in which the following substances are important
in the diet of humans:
(i) Roughage;
(ii) Water.

WAEC Theory Questions and Answers for Health Education loading…

Health Education Expo/Runs for WAEC 2023

The WAEC Health Education likely Expo Questions and Answers is coming your way, keep checking back as the exams are going on.


Try as much as possible to understand the questions before writing the answers. Your time management is also important.

Do not waste much time on one question. The instructions on the question paper is for you, try your best to follow them

If there is any questions on WAEC Health Education Questions and Answers leave it on comments box below.

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