WAEC Mathematics Answers To Questions 2020/2021 Objectives/Essay| Download Exams Answers For Free

WAEC Mathematics Answers to Questions 2020/2021 Objectives/Essay| Download Exams Answers For Free. For Candidates searching for Official WAEC Mathematics Questions and answers, You have every opportunity to gather the right information provided here in order to make your exams a huge success. The page equally contains past questions that may be repeated.

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WAEC Mathematics Answers

WAEC General Mathematics Questions and Answers 2020

WAEC Core Mathematics Questions and answers are here for you with WAEC Mathematics Most Repeated Questions.

The answers to questions here are broken down into layman knowledge. Try as a student to apply every idea in answering the questions presented before you in the examination hall. Remember the WAEC Mathematics Examination Will have Two parts, the Objectives, and the theory Section. The current mathematics answers are not available now.

After the WAEC Mathematics Exams Schedule below, You will have WAEC Mathematics Past and Sample objectives questions and answers.

WAEC Mathematics 2019 Objectives and Theory Answers to Questions

While getting your mindset to make your best out of the Forthcoming Examination, Candidates should be conscious of certain Areas in Mathematics that are unavoidable. The following are Most Expected Areas in WAEC General Mathematics candidates should pay attention to.

Download WAEC Mathematics Objectives Questions and Answers ( Expo)

The WAEc Mathematics Questions are ready for the Exams, The Maths Questions and Answers can be download here, all you need to do is to follow the updates and download it into your device.

SEE: WAEC TimeTable

Core WAEC Mathematics Exams Schedule 2020

PAPER 1: This will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions, drawn from the common areas of the WAEC syllabus, to be answered in just 1½ hours for 50 marks.

PAPER 2: will come with thirteen essay questions in two sections – Sections A and B, to be answered in 2½ hours for 100 marks. Candidates will be required to answer ten questions in all

WAEC Mathematics Sample past Questions.

1. Find the sum of the first for term given that the 2nd and 5th terms of a G.P are 6 and 48 respectively.

  • A. -45
  • B. -17
  • C. 17
  • D. 32
  • E. 45

Answer: E (45)

See the solutions below:

T22 = ar = 6

T55 = ar44 = 48

T5T2T5T2 = ar4arar4ar = 486486

= r33 = 8

⇒ r = 2

Snn = a((rn)−1)r−1a((rn)−1)r−1

S44 = a((r4)−1)r−1a((r4)−1)r−1

S44 = 3((24)−1)2−13((24)−1)2−1

= 3(16 -1)

= 45 

2. If sinθθ = K find tanθθ, 0° ≤≤ θθ ≤≤ 90°.

  • A. 1-K
  • B. kk−1kk−1
  • C. k1−k2√k1−k2
  • D. k1−kk1−k
  • E. kk2−1√

Answer: C ( k1−k2√k1−k2 ) See Solution Below:





3. Find the 8th term of the A.P -3, -1, 1 ……

  • A. 14
  • B. 11
  • C. -9
  • D. -11
  • E. -18

Answer: B ( 11 ) Crosscheck the answer below:

Un = a + (n-1)d
     = -3 + (8 – 1)2
     = 11

4. If cos 60° = 1/2, which of the following angle has cosine of -1/2?

  • A. 30o
  • B. 120o
  • C. 150o
  • D. 210o
  • E. 300o

Answer: B ( 120o ) See the Solution Below:

cos 60° = 1/2, cos(180° – 60°) = -1/2

cos120° = -1/2

WAEC Mathematics Past Questions and Answers

Candidates are expected to attempt the following questions:

5. What is the difference in longitude between P (lat. 50°N. long. 50°W) and Q (lat.50°N, long. 150°W)? Find the answer yourself

  • A. 300o
  • B. 200o
  • C. 130o
  • D. 100o
  • E. 30o

6. The number 186,470 was corrected to 186,000. Which of the following describe the degree of approximation made?
I. to the nearest hundred II. to the nearest thousand III. to 3 significant figures IV. to 4 significant figures. Find the answer yourself

  • A. I & III only
  • B. I & IV only
  • C. II & III only
  • D. II & IV only
  • E. All of the above

7. Multiply 110 2 by 11 2

  • (A) 1100
  • (B) 1101
  • (C) 1110
  • (D) 1111
  • (E) 10010

8. A school P is 16km due west of a school Q. what is the
bearing of Q from P ?

  • (A) 060 0
  • (B) 090 0
  • (C) 180 0
  • (D) 270 0
  • (E) 326 0

9. Which of the following is equivalent to 556 0 W.

  • (A) 044 0
  • (B) 056 0
  • (C) 134 0
  • (D) 236 0
  • (E) 360 0

10. If x is directly proportional to y and x = 4 when y = 12, find
the value of x when y = 24

  • (A) 4
  • (B) 8
  • (C) 12
  • (D) 16
  • (E) 48

11. Bose saves N10,000.00 at 10% per annum compound
interest. How much will she collect after 2 yrs?

  • (A) N1000.00
  • (B) N1100.00
  • (C) N2100.00
  • (D) N11100.00
  • (E) N12100.00

12. Solve 12x – 4y = 3 and 8x + 4 = 7 simultaneously.

  • (A) X = y =
  • (B) x = y =
  • (C) x = y =
  • (D) x = y =
  • (E) x= y = ½

WAEC Mathematics Essay Questions and Answers 2020

Remember the Theory questions will come after the objectives part, Make you select and answer the ones you know best.

PAPER 2 [Essay]
Answer any … questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.


waec mathematics 2018

In the diagram above, the points A, B, C and D lie on the circle, centre O. TA and TB are tangents touching the circle at A and B respectively.
AÔB = 132°, AĈD = 59° and AOC is a straight line.

(a) Find ATB.
(b) Find BDA.(c) Find BDC.
(d) Find OBD.

2) Two numbers differ by 2. Three
(a) Times one of the numbers added to the other gives 46.
Find the numbers
(b) Solve the equations () =
2) (a) Calculate the compound interest and the final amount on
N40000 for 2 yrs at 5% per annum.
(c) Factorise
(i) 4ms – 15mt – 6mt + 10ns
(ii) Mx + ny – nx – my
3) (a) convert (i) 214 to base 5

(ii) (10001 2 ) 2 to base 10

(b) If 40 students can consume 100kg bag of beans in 5
weeks. How long will the bag of beans last for (a) 16 students
(b) 60 students
4) (a) Evaluate 111111 2 11 2 and leave your answer in base two

3. (a) The probability that a malaria patient (M) survives when administered with a newly discovered drug is 0.27 and the probability that a thyphoid patient (T) survives when injected with another newly discovered drug is 0.85.  What is the probability that;
i. either of the two patients survives?
ii. of two patients survive?
iii. at least one of the two patients survive?
(b) Give your answers correct to 2 significant figures.

4. The frequency distribution of the weight of 100 participants in a high jump competition is as
shown below:

Weight (kg)20-2930 – 3940 – 49SO – 5960 – 6970-79
Number of      
pa rtici pa nts10182225169

(a) Construct the cumulative frequency table.
(b) Draw the cumulative frequency curve.
(c)   From the curve, estimate the:
(i)   median;
(ii) semi-interquartile range;
(iii) probability that a participant chosen at random weighs at least 60 kg.

5. Using ruler and a pair of compasses only:
(a) construct a triangle PQR with /PQ/ = 10cm, ∠QPR = 90° and ∠PQR = 30°;

(b) (i) construct I, the locus of all points equidistant from PR and QR;
(ii) locate M, the point where / intersects with po,

(c) (i) with M as centre and radius MP, draw a circle;
(ii) calculate the area of the circle correct to one decimal place.
[Take Π= 22/7].

6. A sector of angle 135° is removed from a thin circular metal sheet of radius 40cm. It is then folded with the straight edges coinciding to form a right circular cone. Calculate the:
(a) base radius of the cone, correct to two decimal places.
(b) greatest volume of liquid which the cone can hold, leaving your answer correct to the nearest cm3. (Take p = 22/7).

7. (a) P varies directly as Q and inversely as the square of R.  If P = 1 when Q = 8 and R = 2, find the value of Q when P = 3 and R = 5.

8. The table below shows the distribution of marks scored by students in an examination.

Class intervalFrequency
60 – 64
65 – 69
70 – 74
75 – 79
80 – 84
85 – 89
90 – 94
95 – 99

Calculate, correct to 2 decimal places, the
(a) mean;
(b) standard deviation of the distribution

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers, WAEC Mathematics Questions 2019

WAEC Mathematics Scheme of Work

WAEC Mathematics 2020 Objectives and Theory Answers to Questions. The West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination is normally conducted yearly for Students at the senior Secondary school Student. The Exams are normally set based on the syllabus.


WAEC Mathematics Syllabus

WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers Success Guide

The following are the steps that will guide students on how to Answer WAEC Mathematics questions Successfully

1. Do what you are told to do.

it is a well-known fact that candidates do not care about the instructions given to them during Examination. This is very unwelcoming, Any Candidate can easily due to the negligence of the Examination instructions: try your best to follow what you are asked to do.

2. Read the Exams questions Carefully

Never jump to answer questions. Read the Exams Questions Carefully before attempting to provide answers. This is very important because it will help you to understand the question better. Some students do not take time to read the exam questions and as a result, provide wrong answers.

3. Do not Waste time on a particular Question

Time management is very vital as long as WAEC Mathematics is a concern. Do not waste all your time trying to answer just a question, you have a lot to answer. Many students are fund of abandoning the allocated time only to discover that they are harming themselves. You need time to answer the required number of questions.

4. Be active in the Examination hall

Laziness is failure itself. Many Students are very Lazy, they give incomplete answers to questions and sometimes fail to answer the required number of questions. Follow the questions accordingly to get the full marks.

5. Do not Waste time on Questions you don’t know

There is no need for you to start struggling with questions you are not familiar with, go to the ones you have an idea of. If you waste time on questions you don’t know, there will be no time for you to answer the one you know very well.

6. Create time to check your work before submitting it

many candidates waste their time unnecessarily only to rush and submit their answer booklets filled with mistakes. Cross-check your work at least once more before submission. This will help you to complete all the uncompleted answers and correct mistakes

I hope you enjoyed our guides on WAEC Mathematics 2020 Objectives and Theory Answers to Questions. Share it with friends. If there is any questions use the comment box below

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