WAEC Office Practice Questions and Answers 2020/2021 Objectives/Essay

WAEC Office Practice Questions and Answers 2020 for Objective and Essay. Do you want to make good grades in the ongoing WAEC? Candidates are expected to make good use of the Office Practice likely expo provided on our website. The Ongoing  WAEC Office Practice exams updates is made to help all candidates.

In this article, We provide students with only WAEC past Office Practice questions and answers.

WAEC 2020 Office Practice Objectives Questions and Answers

The  Office Practice Questions and Answers  will be made available for easy download. Students should be sure of the answers before putting it down.

The questions you are seeing there are fresh new questions, forget about what you saw before the exams may be in your past Questions. Any claim to have seen the questions somewhere may make you fail

Try and read the questions at least thrice before coming to a conclusion.

1. The contents of a business letter should be
A. concise.
B. technical in nature.
C. personal.
D. written in simple language.

2. The reconciling of the bank statement in an organization is a function of the
A. Marketing Department.
B. Personnel Department.
C. Purchasing Department.
D. Accounts Department.

3. The factors that determine the qualities of a piece of information include its
A. length.
B. user.
C. sources.
D. usability.

4. In chronological classification of filing, files are arranged in the order of
A. numbers.
B. contents.
C. date.
D. location.

5. An office is a room where
A. one or more workers can be found.
B. visitors can see the officers they want to see.
C. the clerical work of an organization is carried out.
D. the clerical staff of an organization are paid.

6. A written account of the proceedings at a meeting is known as
A. minutes.
B. report.
C. motion.
D. resolutions.

7. A dictating machine is normally used to
A. record messages.
B. delete messages.
C. type messages.
D. decode messages.

8. An office document is normally used to
A. communicate information.
B. leak official secret.
C. deal with the management.
D. fill up the office floor space.

9. An attachment to a letter in an office can be regarded as
A. a mail.
B. an enclosure.
C. a parcel.
D. a reference.

WAEC Office Practice Essay Questions

The Office Practice WAEC essay answers is out in form of WAEC Office Practice past Questions and answers to help students and to show them the standard of the exam.


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