WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Expo/Runs) PDF Download Essay/Objectives

Live WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers 2022/2023 Available for Objective and Essay. Candidates are required to make good use of the Tourism likely Tourism expo/runs provided on this website. The Ongoing  WAEC Tourism exam Questions and latest updates are made to assist all candidates.

WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers

Download Tourism WAEC Questions and Answers pdf, In this article, candidates are advised to make effective use of the WAEC past tourism questions and answers.

How to answer tourism Questions paper 1 and 2 (OBJ &theory) is very important.

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has instructed all candidates to be of good conduct during the Tourism exams, Check below for randomly repeated WAEC Tourism Questions and Answers.

Download WAEC Tourism Objectives Questions and Answers 2022

The  Tourism Questions and Answers will be made available for easy access and download. Students should be sure of the answers before writing it down.

The questions you are seeing there are fresh new questions, forget about what you saw before the exams may be in your past Questions. Any claim to have seen the questions somewhere may make you fail

Try and read the questions at least thrice before coming to a conclusion.

The following are WAEC Tourism past questions:

Tourism can be defined as a
A. permanent movement of people to other countries is search of work.
B. temporary movement of people to destinations outside where they live.
C. temporary movement of people for recreation, leisure or business.
D. permanent change in location of people within a country.

2. Which of the following is an outstanding benefit of tourism to an economy?
A. Manpower training
B. Rapid industrialization
C. Foreign exchange earning
D. Geographical mapping

SEE: WAEC Timetable

3. Which of the following is not a major component of tourism?
A. Attraction
B. Accessibility
C. Ecotourism
D. Amenity

4. Which of the following statements best describes excursion?
A. Internal movement to destinations which involve overnight stay
B. Long trips which do not involve overnight stay but require accommodation
C. Short trips between two countries which involve overnight stay
D. Short trips which do not involve overnight stay

5. Which of the following is a prominent business resort in Nigeria?
A. Tinapa Resort, Calabar
B. Old Oyo National park
C. Lagos Bar Beach
D. Centre for Black culture and Arts, Osogbo

More objectives questions and answers for tourism loading…

2022 Tourism Essay WAEC Questions and Answers PDF

The Tourism practical WAEC  answers is out in the form of past Tourism questions and answers to help students and to show them the standard of the exam.

Tourism Expo/Runs for WAEC 2022

The likely WAEC tourism answers is coming your way, Stay glued to this page for our latest updates on the Exams.

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