What are the Symptoms of stomach ulcers

Many people are suffering from stomach ulcer without knowing. You can be one of them and your friend, brother or sister can be under this category. In our previous article we dealt on the meaning of stomach ulcer, What causes stomach ulcers, etc. The symptoms of an ulcer are those signs of ulcers and feeling that makes you know that you are having an ulcer. Here we are going to outline all the necessary symptoms of stomach ulcers. A number of symptoms are associated with stomach ulcers. The severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the ulcer.

symptoms of stomach ulcers

There are numerous symptoms of stomach ulcer. The most common symptom is a burning sensation or pain in the middle of your abdomen between your chest and belly button. Typically, the pain will be more intense when your stomach is empty, and it can last for a few minutes to several hours.

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Other common signs and symptoms of stomach ulcers are:

  • dull pain in the stomach
  • weight loss
  • not wanting to eat because of pain
  • nausea or vomiting
  • bloating
  • feeling easily full
  • burping or acid reflux
  • heartburn, which is a burning sensation in the chest)
  • pain that may improve when you eat, drink, or take antacids
  • anemia, whose symptoms can include tiredness, shortness of breath, or paler skin
  • dark, tarry stools
  • vomit that’s bloody or looks like coffee grounds

Talk to your doctor if you have any symptoms of a stomach ulcer. Even though discomfort may be mild, ulcers can worsen if they aren’t treated. Bleeding ulcers can become life-threatening.

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