Why Is Your Facebook Chat Currently Unavailable?

Know why your Facebook chat is currently unavailable. Facebook offers a lot of features (one of which is the Facebook Chat) which are great when they work well. There are a number of reasons your chat may be unavailable. Let’s look at them individually.

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Why Is Your Chat Currently Unavailable?

A. You’ve Unintentionally Turned It Off

It’s not totally unusual for individuals to unintentionally turn Facebook chat off. If this is the case, to fix it, click the “gear” button in the chat bar (far right of “Search”) and select “Available” to chat.

B. Facebook Chat Server Is Down

Facebook server are not 100% stable. If your chat is not available, you might want to check with your friends to confirm if to learn if they can access theirs. Alternatively, check back in a few hours.

C. Your Side Bar Is Hidden

If your chat bar does not show your friends, then it’s hidden. To unhide it, click on ” Chat” and it will pop back up again.

D. You’ve Blocked Your Friends

It’s possible you’ve accidentally or deliberately blocked someone, and accidentally included other friends (or all your Friends) in this group.

To solve this, click the gear, then select “Limit availability…” you then have the option to make yourself available to certain groups or unavailable to certain groups. Choose an option most suitable to you.S

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