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Are you an adventurous person? Are you planning a tourist trip? Or you are looking for the right tourist destination to explore. Then, this article is for you.

Fiji has most of the intriguing and best places any tourist enthusiast would like to visit. Fiji has a beautiful natural setting, with islands, reefs, bodies of water, national parks and marine parks, etc. Over the years,Fiji has been one of the popular tourist destination,due to the country’s fascinating nature.

If you are planning a vacation,a getaway with friends or an honeymoon. We will be listing out some best places you could visit during your visit to Fiji to make it a memorable one.

List of the Best places to visit in Fiji:

  • Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud pool: Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud is managed by a family and is open to the public. This  pool is also called the Tifajek mud pools. It is located on the western coast of Viti Levu, not far from the city of Nadi.
  • The Mamanuca Island Groups : these are one of the best places to visit in Fiji. Mamanuca island is home to some of the most picture perfect tropical landscapes in the world. The 20 islands in the group include big names like Castaway Island, Treasure Island, Malolo Lailai, Tavarua and Namotu, where blinding coral sands and crystal waters are an everyday reality.
  • Danarau Island: Danarau Island is Located 20 minutes drive from Nadi International Airport, roughly 216km from Vanua Levu and just off the west coast of Viti Levu. This island is located at the tip of a small peninsula connected to the mainland through a bridge. The island has  a collection of hotels, spas, and a golf club which could help the tourist visit fun.
  • The Botanic Garden of the Sleeping Giant: This garden is in the Nausori Highlands. It is sometimes called Fiji’s best-kept secret. It was set up by Raymond Burr, an American actor in 1977, to show off his collection of tropical orchids. The perfect climate in this cold valley has helped the collection grow and thrive.
  • Robinson Crusoe Island: this  island is one of the most beautiful places in Fiji which gives visitors a real taste of nature. This unique tourist attraction center is on the island of Likuri . It brings back beautiful traditional Fijian rituals, performances, and foods. Five hundred years of history have been uncovered for Likuri. This island is close to Bourewa. The resort caters for a small group of visitors both international tourist and the locals who want to experience the Coral Coast and its historically significant culture in a more authentic way.
  • Qalito Island:  is one of the best tourist attraction site in Fiji. It is a private resort in the Mamanuca Archipelago to the west of Viti Levu in Fiji. It was usually  called Castaway Island. It’s about a two-hour boat ride from the mainland port of Nadi, across azure waters .
  • Taveuni: is a breathtaking beautiful island in Fiji . This is the only place in the world where you will find the crimson-coloured tagimoucia flower which is just one of the reasons why it’s known as the ‘Garden Island’. Other reasons to visit Taveuni Island includes; natural wonders such as the rest of the magnificent Bouma National Heritage Park (where the flower grows) and the cascading Tovoro Waterfalls, with its natural swimming pools.

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When is the best time to visit Fiji?

The best time of the year to visit Fiji is during May.  You will not only secure a cheaper flights and accommodation at this time of year, but you will also enjoy the bright and sunny scenery with low chances of rain and high temperatures. Making May the best time for outdoor activities. May is also right before the start of peak season so there’s usually fewer crowds around the islands and goods and services prices at that time are usually very affordable.

How is the weather in Fiji?

If you are planning a tourist visit or a vacation to Fiji and you have been wondering how Fiji’s weather is? Then, you don’t have need to worry.

Fiji has a warm tropical climate in the South Pacific. During your stay in Fiji you will definitely have a warm weather all year round. Good and bad weather in Fiji is then determined by the wet and dry season, meaning how much rainfall you’re likely to get each month. The best time to Fiji for a bright and sunny outdoor adventure is from May through to September. October through to April make up the wet season which is also the time of the year most at risk of cyclone. However, it is also when you’re going to have the highest temperatures seen throughout the year.

What activities should I do, while in Fiji?
  • Hiking: during your visit to Fiji. You can engage in hiking in most of the natural parks in the country for an adventure.
  • Fishing: fishing can never go wrong when you are creating memories in Fiji.
  • Sailing: sailing is one of the fun and entertaining water sports in Fiji. Choose any tourist island and explore with the help of tour guides.


This article explored some of the best places to visit in Fiji. It was hard narrowing it down to these few tourist attraction centers, considering the wide range of beautiful places to explore while in the country.

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