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Do you wish to visit Holy See for vacation, getaway or an adventure? Do you wish to know the best places you should visit on your arrival in Holy See? Then, you are in the right page because this article is for you.

The Holy See is also known as Vatican City. It is the smallest and most unique country in the world. This country is the residence and home of the  Catholic Pope, who is the spiritual leader of more than a billion Catholic churches all over the world. But it is also a treasure trove of art, history, and culture for tourists consumption, exploration and fun adventures.

The wonderful qualities of the Vatican city makes it a unique tourist destination. In this article,we will tell you some of the best places you can visit on your trip to Holy See.

Best places to visit in Holy See:

Below is the list of the best places to visit in Holy See:

  • St. Peter’s Basilica:  is the world’s largest basilica of Christianity, and a remarkable example of Renaissance architecture. This site was  designed by Bramante, Bernini, Michelangelo, and Maderno. It is also a home to numerous Renaissance art.
  • The Vatican Museums: this museum is one of the best places to visit in Holy See. Over 6 million people visits this site yearly. The Vatican Museums consist of 54 galleries and have one of the largest collections of Renaissance and Medieval art including in the world.
  • Sistine Chapel: is a monument that everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime. The chapel also contains some of the most remarkable pieces of art, such as Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam and Botticelli’s Temptation of Christ.
  • . Peter’s Square: A grand plaza with statues, obelisk, and where the Pope addresses the public.
  • The Vatican Garden: one of the famous tourist attraction center in Vatican city. This garden covers over 23 hectares of the city. the gardens feature medieval fortifications, and monuments and buildings from the 9th century to present day.
  • Vatican Necropolis: Underground cemetery housing popes’ tombs and the alleged site of St. Peter’s burial.
  • Raphael’s Rooms: You can also call  Stanze di Rafaello, were part of the second floor of the Pontifical Palace. These rooms, were originally intended as a suite of apartments for Pope Julius II. There are four “rooms” within the apartment.
  • Cupola di San Pietro: Michelangelo’s dome offering panoramic city views when climbed.
  • Vatican Library: A prestigious collection of manuscripts, books, and the Library Museum’s prized exhibits.
  • La Pieta: Michelangelo’s masterpiece portraying the Virgin Mary and Jesus after crucifixion.

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What to do when in Holy See?

Interesting things to do while in Holy See includes:

  • A visit to the Vatican Museums to experience culture and creativity.
  • Visit and admire the famous St. Peter’s basilica
  • Stare in awe while sightseeing the beauty of Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel.
  • Take some photo shoots at St Peter’s square.
  • Visit the Vatican Necropolis to explore hidden treasures.
  • Explore the beauty of nature at the Vatican Garden.

What is another name for Holy See?

Another name for Holy See is the Vatican city. It is the home and residence of the Catholic pope who is the religious leader of all the Catholic churches all over the world.

What’s the dress mode in Holy See?

Holy See as the name implies is a country that takes decency seriously. Tourists and visitors are advice to dress with utmost modesty and decency. Short wears is not  allowed in the city. The Vatican has a strict dress code that requires visitors to cover their shoulders and knees. This applies to both men and women. You should also avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, flip-flops, or anything that is too revealing or disrespectful. If you are not dressed appropriately, you may be denied entry or asked to leave.

How do I learn about the culture and history of Holy See and the Catholic church ?

You can learn more about the history and culture of the Holy See and the Catholic Church by visiting the various museums, galleries, and exhibits that showcase the artistic, religious, and historical heritage of the papacy and the Church. Some of the most notable ones are the Vatican Museums, which house a vast collection of art and history; the Sistine Chapel, which features the famous frescoes by Michelangelo; the St. Peter’s Basilica, which is the largest and most important church in the world; and the St. Peter’s Square, which is a grand plaza surrounded by colonnades and statues.

We hope this information is useful for your travel plans. You can visit any of the best tourist attraction centers in the country. For questions, leave a comment on the comment section.


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