Best places to visit in Solomon Islands 2024| Tourist Attraction Centers

Although, the Solomon Islands may not be all glamour like other countries with well developed  tourist industries. Solomon islands also posses a large number of the best places and tourist attraction centers for tourists to explore.

For a country that is surrounded by water. It is worth every sightseeing adventure. The Solomon Islands is a nation with hundreds of islands in the South Pacific and has many WWII-era sites.

In this article we will give you information on the best places to visit in Solomon Islands, things to do and the best time to visit Solomon Island.

List of the best places to visit in Solomon Island:

There are few amazing site view and tourist attraction centers in Solomon Island for the pleasuring view of the tourists and visitors. Below is the list of the best places to visit in Solomon Island:

  • Riba Cave: this cave is an awesome sight to behold. Riba cave is located on the island of Malaita and hour walk from Aiku.
  • The Mataniko Falls: this waterfall is on the island of Guadalcanal, a short distance from Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Island.The cascades are double-sided falls which drop into a large cavern of spectacular beauty.
  • Villa Point: this is an attraction site in Solomon Island where a number of japanese base during WWII.Tourists can witness the remains of the Japanese bases, and even stroll through the jungles to find old weapons and artifacts left over from the war.
  • Lilisiana Village: this village is one of the cultural spot in Solomon Island Found on Malaita Island. The inhabitants of this village are mostly into fishing. You can visit here for a fun fishing adventure.
  • National Museum: the national museum of Solomon Island locates in the country’s capital city. The histories and significant conflicts of the country are all documented in this national museum.Tourists looking for information about the history of the Solomon Islands need to visit the National Museum in Honiara.
  • The US war Memorial: Located in the city of Honiara, the US War Memorial is a beautiful commemoration to the fallen Allies of WWII. It is situated upon a hill that overlooks Mendana Avenue, and was constructed by the American military in 1992.
  • Vella Lavella: this place is worth visiting due to it’s amazing landscape.However, it’s also home to a memorable WWII battle called the Naval Battle of Vella Lavella Island.
  • Marovo Lagoon: this is a perfect tourist destination for diving sport. It is one of the Solomon Islands’ most spectacular attractions. Found in the region of the New Georgian Islands. The water here is completely salty.
  • Bonegi beach: is located about 12 kilometers northwest of Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.
  • Guadalcanal Island: this is the largest island in the country. Located in the  southwestern Pacific Ocean. The island has an area of 2,047 square miles (5,302 square km) and is of volcanic origin.

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Things to do in Solomon Island:

There are several fun activities to engage in while in Solomon Islands, these includes:

  • Go fishing in the small fishing village of Lilisiana.
  • Explore war relics( there are several war base site in the country to explore).
  • Create adventure by hiking.
  • Enjoy some reggae with the locals.
  • Try diving in the marovo lagoon.
  • Go snorkeling
  • Visit the Bonegi beach for a fun day at the beach.

Best time to visit the Solomon Islands:

The Solomon Islands have two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season.

The country’s dry season starts from  April and ends in October.  This period usually has a comfortable temperatures. This is considered the best time to visit the Solomon Islands for activities such as diving, snorkeling, and exploring the islands.

The rainy season starts from November and ends in March. During the rainy season there is more rainfall and higher humidity. While this may not be the most ideal time for outdoor activities, it can be a good time to visit if you’re looking to experience the lush, tropical vegetation.

Where is the capital of Solomon Islands?

The capital of Solomon islands is in Honiara. The town is lies at the mouth of the Mataniko River on the north coast of Guadalcanal. A port and communications centre, it trades chiefly in coconuts, timber, fish, and some gold (from Gold Ridge in the centre of the island). The city is the economic center of the Solomon Islands.

What language is spoken in Solomon islands?

The indeginous language spoken in Solomon Islands is Melanesian pidgin. Although,English is the official language of the country. Meaning, English is mainly used for official and administrative purposes. About 120 indigenous languages are also spoken in Solomon islands.

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