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Looking for the best shopping malls in Honduras? You want to know the largest mall for shopping in Honduras? You are on the right page.

Honduras is a democratic constitutional republic in the Central America. The country borders with Nicaragua on south, with Salvador on south-west and with Guatemala on west. It is also washed by Caribbean Sea and waters of the Pacific Ocean. The population of the country estimates just 7.4 million of people. The ethnic composition is quite homogenous as almost 90% of total inhabitants estimate mongrel. The territory of Honduras is mainly a wide tableland that is crossed by two thousand meters long mountains from east to west.The climate of the country is tropical with slight fluctuations of temperature during a year. However, during some periods of the year there is a risk of disastrous tropical hurricanes. Because of this fact the best time to visit the Caribbean region is from February to April.

Before looking into it Honduras shopping malls, you should also know that the Country is very popular among fans of ecotourism; they visit the picturesque island Roatan. This islet is attractive for its marvelous nature and beaches with crystal clear water. At certain times of the year, you can observe how small sea bugs are born. There are many interesting excursions around the island, excellent conditions for diving, and also for watching dolphins. On the island there are several original settlements, a walk along which will be interesting for all fans of unusual excursions

Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras and the official language used in the country is Spanish.

This article will give you the list of top shopping malls in Honduras that you can visit either as a tourist, visitor, resident or a citizen.

List of Top shopping malls in Honduras:

The following are list of Honduras shopping malls:

1. Diamonds International :

Diamonds International mall is rated as one of the top shopping malls in Honduras. It is located at Dixon Cove Roatan Cruise Ship Terminal, Mahogany Bay, Roatan IB3100 Honduras. And it has gotten many reviews from different people who have shopped with them.

Diamonds International Roatan is the number 1 recommended place to shop in Roatan, Honduras. The sales  different products such as ;Diamonds, Gemstones, watches and the worlds most prestigious brands all under one roof. They have three locations on the island, two stores in Mahogany Bay port and one location in Port of Roatan Coxen Hole. Open to local and hotel guests Monday-Friday and cruise ship guests during docking times. Free Rum punch on arrival and free wifi. A great place to spend you day while in Roatan.

2. Mall Multiplaza:

Mall Multiplaza is recommended as one of the outstanding shopping malls in Honduras. It is located at Blvrd Morazan, Tegucigalpa FM1100 Honduras. The have about 50% excellent customer services.

3. City Mall:

This is one of the top shopping malls in Honduras. it is located at Ave. Circunvalacion, San Pedro Sula CT1100 Honduras.City Mall was opened in 2014, it has 365 stores, it is the biggest shopping mall in Central America, and its visited by almost 10 million people in the year. 800,000 per month.


This is one of the best shopping malls in Honduras where you can get the best of gift for yourself or loved ones. It has it location at CA-5 Tegucigalpa, Tegucigalpa FM1100 Honduras. Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras.

5. Mall Megaplaza

Mall Megaplaza is located at Bulevar del Este, San Pedro Sula CT1100 Honduras. If you are a lover of serene shopping outlet,then, Mall Megaplaza is the best for you.

6. Uniplaza:

You can’t talk about top shopping malls in Honduras without Uniplaza. Uniplaza is one of the top shopping malls in Honduras,it is located at Avenida Morazon, s/n, La Ceiba AT1100 Honduras.

7. Plaza Centro:

Plaza Centro shopping mall is one with a 100% excellent customer service. As such it has confidently placed itself as one of the top shopping malls in Honduras. It is located at Media Cuadra de Plaza La Juventud In front of centromedico comayagua Colonial, Comayagua CM2100 Honduras.

8. Road Market Groseries and Liquors:

It is a great little market  on the beach, close to the hotels in west bay. The mall has extremely friendly and accommodating staff.

9. Karma Jewelry Design:

Karma Jewelry Design is a specialty and gift shop where you can go in and get beautiful jewelry gifts for yourself or loved ones. They have excellent customer service and their prices are pocket friendly.

10. Mall Premier:

Mall premier is one of the talked about shopping malls in Honduras. It is located at Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The mall opens at 8:00 AM daily.


Which of the shopping malls is the largest in Honduras?

City Mall is the largest shopping malls in Honduras. The  Mall was opened in 2014, it has 365 stores, it is the biggest shopping mall in Central America, and its visited by almost 10 million people in the year. 800,000 per month.

What is shopping like in Honduras?

Shopping is something that intrigues everyone and something that is loved by almost everyone. With exceptions of very few people, everyone loves shopping and is always on the lookout for good places to do so.

This merriment of shopping metamorphose  to new levels when you are visiting a new city or even a country like Honduras. In the case of Honduras, a country having immense historical and cultural richness, you can hardly keep yourself off the markets and places for shopping in Honduras that offers a variety of products!

In Honduras you move from air conditioned shopping malls to traditional markets and big name mega stores Honduras has a wide variety of shops. For visitors to the country, the best shopping is undoubtedly at the local markets where artisans and local craftsmen offer their wares at extremely affordable prices.

We hope this information will be useful in guiding you on your shopping adventure in Honduras. Do well to check this cite for more informative and educative informations.

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