Visa Sponsorship jobs in Uganda for foreigners 2024/2025 | Check Available Job Positions

Foreigners who are interested in getting a Job Sponsorship visa to Uganda are required to meet up some certain conditions and criteria in order for the visa sponsorship to be successful. well-known organizations is one of the simplest methods for foreigners to obtain work in Uganda.

Find out various  firms that are more likely to sponsor your work visa, offer competitive pay, and do business in English.

This article discusses the various visa-sponsorship  jobs in Uganda for foreigners, as well as the basic criteria for Uganda Visa Sponsored Jobs . The guidelines for Interview questions relating to Sponsorship, and the list of visa sponsorship jobs available in Uganda.

List of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Uganda for foreigners 2024

  •  Travel Consultant
  •  Real Estate Agent
  •  Cashier
  • Air Cabin Crew
  • HSE_Officer(School)
  •  Teaching Assistant
  •  Social Worker
  • Front_End developer
  •  Senior Payable Accountant
  •  Human Resources Officer
  •  Security Guard
  • Receptionist
  •  School Doctor
  • Executive Assistant
  • IT Support Engineer

What are the types of work permit Visas available in Uganda?

Al Foreigners who wishes to work in Uganda should endeavor to choose the correct work permit before completing their application. If you wish to work in Uganda, it is absolutely essential that you acquire a work permit before commencing work . Irrespective of the fact that the work is for financial gain or voluntary .

1. There are seven main types of work permit for working in Uganda. These are:

2. Class A and A2 apply to government and diplomatic service workers, and government contractors

3. Class B for those wishing to invest in the agricultural industry

4. Class C applies to mining

5. Class D for applicants who wish to conduct business or trade

6. Class E for manufacturers who wish to establish or invest in a Ugandan manufacturing business

7. Class F applies to working professionals who wish to practice their profession in Uganda

Additionally, Class G1 and G2 are for volunteers, missionaries, and NGO workers

Pay close attention to the requirements of each work visa, as these vary depending on the type of your sponsored visa.


Available Site to look up for Job sponsorship Visa as a Foreigner:

With a vast number of online resources to choose from, you should hopefully be able to find a job to suit your skill level. Some of the websites you can use to search for jobs include:

  • Uganda Jobline Jobs
  •  Kazijobs
  • Great Uganda Jobs
  • Career Jet

If you have a good grasp of the English language, you may also choose to work in Uganda as an English teacher. There are usually quite a lot of opportunities available at any one time, and you can find English teaching jobs using the following resources:

  • ESL Employment
  • Total ESL
  • Tesall
  • ESL Café

Uganda is a beautiful country with mountains, endless forests, and diverse wildlife life have made a unique beauty of the “green pearl of Africa”. The pristine beauty of Uganda gives visitors a pleasant, comfortable feeling, helping to re- energized visitors.

Therefore, in your quest to live your dream life and work in a country of your choice while being freely sponsored by your Employer, endeavor to follow the needed and acceptable procedures to ensure a smooth working experience.

If there’s anything more about the visa Sponsorship jobs in Uganda for foreigners that you wish to know, kindly use the comments section below.

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