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Looking for Visa Sponsorship jobs in Georgia for foreigners? Sponsorship Jobs are rare opportunities for those who are qualified for the require positions. Georgia is a country that is know for it’s accommodating economy status.

The country has  low cost of living, numerous opportunities for economic growth, dynamic multiethnic communities, and spectacular landscapes just waiting to be explored making Georgia an increasingly appealing place for foreigners to relocate. There are several ways to get employment in Georgia if you are a foreigner looking for visa sponsorship, albeit it could take some time.

Georgia is known for great prowess in Agriculture and mining which make up the bulk of Georgia’s industry, which is heavily dependent on imports. It has a sizable hydropower capability that can supply the bulk of the energy needs of the people. All three have played a significant role in the nation’s post-1990 economic recovery, which has produced a strong GDP.

This article will list a number of Visa sponsored jobs available in Georgia, types of available work permit in the country, procedures for application and others.

List of Jobs in Georgia for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Below is the list of Visa Sponsorship Jobs available in Georgia for Foreigners wishing to migrate and work in Georgia:

  • Air Export Gateway Specialist– Atlanta, GA 30349, Full-time. Apply Now.
  • Customer Success Manager– Kitchen365, Atlanta, GA. Apply Now.
  • Associate Business Analyst– Enigma, GA, Full-time. Apply Now.
  • Senior Sales Executive- Atlanta, GA 30349, Full-time. Apply Now.
  • Brand and Marketing ROI, Senior Director– Atlanta, GA.
    $108,000 – $180,000 a year – Full-time. Apply Now.

Others include:

  • Engineers
  • Forklift Driver/Warehouse Associate
  • Field Engineering Specialist
  • Service Technician
  • Construction Management Professional
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Entry Level Civil Engineer
  • Full Time Physical Therapist
  • Assistant Director of Engineering
  • Operations Director
  • Senior Account payable Accountant
  • Senior Transportation Project Manager
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Alternative Delivery Project Manager Director
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Support Representative(SSR)
  • Domestic Customer Service Agent
  • Manager, Sales Excellence
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Assistant Professor
  • Intensivist
  • Project Engineer

What are the different types of work visa available in Georgia for Foreigners?

The following are the work visa types available in Georgia for Foreigners:

•  The D1 category visa (D being the category for the immigration visa) is the one that is used by individuals who come to Georgia for work purposes, contracted work, Business work etc. When the foreigner has already established that he or she will start work in the country (a work agreement has been reached), then the employer will be required by law to notify the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the employment of an immigrant. This notification is to be sent to the Ministry within 30 days from concluding the employment contract.

• D2 visa: this Visa type is for individuals who will engage in freelancing work (different from the business work included in the category D1). Individuals who comes to the country for  scientific, sports, cultural purposes or educational activities; interns and press workers also apply for this visa type.

•  D3 visa: this Visa type is given to individuals who come to a Georgian research center or authorized educational institution in order to engage in research activities. The visa is given mainly for the purpose of research.

•  D4 visa: for the purpose of family reunification in Georgia. Visit to family members etc.

• D5 visa: this category is issued to individuals who have the right to immovable property, under certain conditions.

What are the requirements necessary for processing work visa in Georgia for Foreigners?

Although,visa requirements varies from country to country,there are still certain very important documents that are required in every Georgian consulate. These includes:

  •  A completed and signed visa application form
  •  A valid passport with at least one blank page for any entry stamp
  • An employment contract with a company based in Georgia
  • Payment of the visa fee

What are the Application process for a work visa in Georgia for Foreigners?

Foreign nationals who wishes to apply for a work visa in Georgia should contact the closest Georgian consulate or embassy to start the visa application procedure. The embassy staff will have access to an accurate and current list of the prerequisites for the visa processing.

Through Georgia’s electronic application submission system, foreign employees may apply for visas online. Before starting their visa application, applicants should acquire all the supporting documentation. After submitting an online application, the applicant must send the embassy a second, fully completed hard copy of the application together with the necessary paperwork. The applicant may in some circumstances mail these documents to the embassy. In every other case, they should deliver them personally to the embassy.

The employee’s visa application will be granted, and they may go to Georgia. They will require a residency permit from the Public Service development agency once they arrive. Couples and children under the employee’s care who go to Georgia also require residency permits. Foreign employees’ residence permits are good for a year, following which they can be extended for an additional five years.

Is it easy to get a job in Georgia country?

Getting Jobs in Georgia is not easy. There are a lot of unskilled positions having quite low salaries. You don’t mention what you actually do, but I think possibly your language skills may find you a position in hospitality.

What kind of job do most people in Georgia have?

Analysis shows that the most popular job in terms of number of employees is retail salespersons, with 132,430 employed as of May 2021. The second-most popular job is laborers and freight, stock and material movers, with 122,880 employed in this occupation

Is Georgia country cheap to live in?

Georgia is known to be one of the cheapest countries in Europe in terms of cost of living, which is why it attracts so many immigrants.


We hope this information was able to serve you well and guide you on the necessary step to take for a Visa sponsored job in Georgia.

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