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Looking for Visa Sponsorship jobs in Central African Republic for Foreigners? Visa sponsorship is one of the easiest way in migrating to any country of your choice and one of the criteria in achieving this is by getting a skilled job in the country in order to qualify for the visa sponsorship by well established organizations and corporate bodies.

Acquiring a visa to Central African Republic is a crucial factor to consider while looking for a job outside of your native country. The best place to start is always to look for a position that will allow for employment with the extra benefit of visa sponsorship. The country has her neighbors as  Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon to the north, northeast, southeast, south, and southwest, respectively.

The Central African Republic has an underdeveloped economy, but it is rich in natural resources and has close trading ties with France and Burundi. The landlocked nation exports gold, diamond and timber to Europe and China and its service industry continues to develop.

This article will list out the best Central African Republic Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, as well as the conditions for Obtaining Work Visas, the different types of work visas in the Country, and much more.

List of Central African Republic visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners:

Below is the list of Central African Republic visa sponsorship jobs;

  1. Warehouse Supervisor (New Health Care Company): Athlone, County Westmeath
    Full-time. Visit the website to apply
  2. Cleaning Supervisor: Swords, County Dublin, Visit the website to apply
  3. Operation Manager
  4.  CCTV Technician
  5.  Procurement Senior Officer
  6.  Health Advisor/Secretariat Manager
  7.  Supply Chain Management Manager
  8.  Special Equipment
  9.  Technician
  10.  Consultant AMOA /MOA H/F
  11.  Meal Coordinator
  12. Project Manager
  13. Chat Support Executive
  14. Graphics Designer
  15. Head of Operations, Central African Republic
  16. Substitute Cook Assistant
  17. Supply Associates G6
  18. Admin Manager
  19. Sales Specialist
  20. Trade Finance Professional
  21. Regional Localization and Partnership Manager.

What are the Visa Types Available in Central African Republic?

Foreigners who wish to travel from any other country into Central African Republic or within the boundaries of the Central African Republic must adhere to a specified set of rules. Foreigners can get one of two types of visas from the Central African Republic:

visa available for a brief visit of up to three months. This type of visa expires after three months elapses.

Those with long-stay visas may stay in the Central African Republic for up to a year. This visa type last longer than the first as foreigners with this, can stay in the country for a year.

Before they may leave the country and begin working overseas, any employees who will be relocating to the Central African Republic for a lengthy period of time must have a long-stay visa.

What are the procedures for the Application of Visa Sponsorship jobs in Central African Republic?

Foreigners who wishes to apply for Visa sponsorship jobs in Central African Republic should begin the visa application process by locating the nearest Central African Republic embassy, consulate, or diplomatic post. Diplomats at the embassy will be able to supply you with an up-to-date and correct list of the documents required to obtain the visa.

After confirming the type of visa one has plan to receive and decided on the duration of stay, the applicant should gather all relevant papers and complete the visa application. Foreign nationals can submit their applications at the embassy or through mail. Mail-in applications must be accompanied by a self-addressed, pre-paid return envelope with tracking information so that the consular officials may return the applicant’s passport together with the visa.

Applicants should wait in their home country for confirmation that their visa application has been approved. After receiving the visa, the individual can then fly to the Central African Republic and begin working.

To Learn more about The Application Steps, Visit

What are the most common jobs in Central African Republic?

When it comes to African Republic Agriculture, forestry, and fishing is very important.

Citizens of the country rely on farming for their livelihoods. Men clear the fields, while cultivation is largely the responsibility of women, who grow cassava (manioc), corn (maize), millet, sorghum, rice, squashes, and peanuts (groundnuts) for their families’ consumption.

What are the documents require for Visa Sponsorship Jobs?

To get a Visa Sponsorship Job, the National or the applicant must submit the following documents to any of the Central African Republic embassy he or she wishes to apply to;

  1.  A letter of invitation from the hiring organization with a location in the Central African Republic .
  2. Two properly filled-out and signed application applications for visas.
  3. A passport with one blank page and a minimum validity of six months.
  4. Two white-background passport photos that are exactly the same.
  5. A duplicate of the applicant’s itinerary for flights.
  6. Proof of yellow fever immunization.
  7. A letter from the applicant’s employer confirming their intent to depart the Central African Republic when their employment has ended.
  8. The cost of the visa.


If the applicant wishes to submit their application in person, candidates can pay the visa fee in cash or by money order. The employee must use a money order to pay the cost if they mail in their application.

We hope that the above information was able to give you insights on how to go about securing yourself a Visa Sponsorship Job in Central African Republic.


What is Central African Republic most famous for?

They are rich in natural resources, including diamonds, gold, oil arable land and timber. Despite this, it’s the world’s second-poorest country when measured by GDP per capita. It’s also the world’s hungriest country, according to the Global Hunger Index.

What is the average salary in Central African Republic?

The Average Monthly Salary in Central African Republic is 642 USD


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