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Are you planning a tourist trip? Looking for a best tourist destination to explore? Are you an adventure enthusiast? Do you wish to visit a country in southern America? Then, Guyana is the answer to all your questions.

Guyana is a nature’s paradise. The Amazon jungle south ward  is scientifically more biodiverse, but around 80% of Guyana is covered in tropical rainforest, meaning that the opportunities for spotting elusive and, in some cases, giant wildlife are abundant. 

Guyana is a great tourist destination that is yet to be explore. In this article we will give you information regarding the best places to visit in Guyana and other important informations related to the country.

List of the best  places to visit in Guyana:

Below is the list of the best places to visit in Guyana:

1. Kaieteur Falls:

This is one of the best places to visit in Guyana. It is an interesting location for sightseeing. Firstly, it’s the world’s largest single drop waterfall by volume, particularly during the rainy season (May through July) when it’s at its fullest. Kaieteur falls is a marvel to behold.

2. Linden:

Linden’s settlement has been Guyana’s primary mining hub, with thousands of prospectors and miners making their way to this tropical spot to pull bauxite from the hills that line the Demerara River.

3. Kanuku Mountains:

The kanuku mountain at it’s greatest  peaks divides into in two by the long and winding water channels of the Rupununi River.  separates itself into a duo of diamond-shaped highland regions that are both famed for their wealth of mammalian species and old growth forests.

4. Bartica :

Bartica, Guyana was once known as the ‘Gateway to the Interior’. It was a famous stop-off for prospectors and miners moving to the far-flung gold and mineral dig sites that erupted by the bucket load between the mountains of Potaro-Siparuni in the last century.

5. The Orinduik Falls:

The Orinduik water falls Carves it way out of the rocks that roll out from the Pakaraima Mountains in the western reaches of Guyana, just on the border with Venezuala.

6. Parika:

Parika is a beautiful water site to behold. This tourist site is a port town which lies on the bank of Essequibo.

7. Shell Beach:

This is the most famous beach in Guyana. It is a  section of the Guyana Coast, spray with salt. Where the Atlantic rollers meld with the Caribbean currents out at sea and mangroves sprawl and crawl along the sands to the shore.

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Things to do during your visit to Guyana:

There are numerous adventure trips to take when in Guyana for a worthy and memorable vacation. Below is the list of the things you should do;

  • Admire the kaieteur falls which is a wonder of nature.
  • Visit one of the fascinating tourist attractions in the country,the rainforest canopy.
  • Climb mountains for an incredible view of the rain forest.
  • Go hiking
  • Catch a glimpse of big cats in the wild, jaguar. Guyana is home to over 225 species of mammal and, thanks to the unspoilt nature of its interior.
  • Paddle out in a dugout canoe or kayak.
  • Try horseback riding through the savannahs of the Rupununi
  • Search and admire the harpy eagle which is a  staggering bird that measures over a metre in height.

What is Guyana known for?

Guyana is on the northern part of South America bordering Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname, Guyana is one of the most offbeat destinations in South America. It’s a great place to visit especially if you have an adventurous soul.

It is allege to be the only English-speaking country on the continent. Guyana is also home to a some incredible and unique ecosystems and terrains – from highlands covered in pristine rainforests, to coastal plains and unique savannah, it’s a destination that is totally unique in it’s way.

How is Tourism in Guyana?

The Tourism in Guyana is mainly on ecotourism. It is a fledgling industry compared to other countries in the Caribbean. Tourism is mainly focused on ecotourism, and accommodations for business travelers. Guyana is home to some of the outstanding tourist attraction sites like; Kaieteur Falls, Mount Roraima, and St. George’s Cathedral.

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The informations are carefully drafted to help you plan your trip to perfection. Choose any of the tourist attractions for an adventurous holiday.


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