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It is always a nice and intriguing experience, having to leave the border of your residence country for holidays. if you are one, who is fascinated by the beauty of nature and the exploration of different countries, traveling to Hungary is a perfect idea.

Hungary is a landlocked country which is situated in the Carpathian Basin. Its two longest rivers are called Danube and Tisza which divide Hungary into three parts: Transdanubia (to the west of the Danube), the plain between the Rivers Danube and Tisza, and the Trans-Tisza region (to the east of the Tisza.

If you are interested in learning about a few of the best places to visit in Hungary, then this article is for you.

Best places to visit in Hungary:

Hungary as a country has so many beautiful places one can visit for a holiday or a gateway. Visitors to Hungary learn quickly about so many cultures the country has. Having been ruled over by the Romans, Ottomans, Mongols, Magyars, Czechs, and the Soviets. The remains of Roman fortifications can be found as utterly spectacular with buildings dating back to the Middle Ages.

Below is the list of the best places to visit in Hungary:


Debrecen is one of the best places to visit in Hungary. It has served as Hungary’s capital various times over the century and is an important cultural center. Heavily destroyed during World War II, Debrecen is considered the intellectual center of the country, starting with the founding of Calvinist College in 1538. Now known as the University of Debrecen, the college is famous for its architecture

2.Aggtelek National Park:

As one of the best places in Hungary Aggtelek National Park should be on your priority list for a visit. Located in northern Hungary about a three-hour drive from Budapest. The park is home to the largest stalactic cave, in Europe. Guided tours, geared to physical capabilities, are available. The park is a protected area for both tourists and the locals.

3. Gyor:

Gyor has its roots in the Celtic and Roman eras. The town has also been ruled by the Mongols, Magyars, Czechs, and Ottomans. However, the city fathers burned the town to keep the Turks from taking it. It is located between Budapest and Vienna and is a good town to just wander around in. The place is filled with amazing and awestruck statues and marvelous old buildings. The old town at Kaptalan Hill can be found at the confluence of the Danube, Raba, and Rebca rivers

4. Eger:

Eger is one of the best places to visit in Hungary. It is located on the Eger River. Visitors witness the remnants of the Turkish invasion which influenced the architecture of the town. From a distance, you would see several Beautiful Women who produce Hungary’s best red wine known as ‘Bikaver’ or Bull’s Blood. Other places to visit in Eger include; Eger Castle, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle, Magic Tower, Lyceum, County Hall, and Kossuth Lajos Utca.

5. Pecs:

Pécs is one of the most gorgeous cities in Hungary.  It is located close to the Croatian border. The town is usually very lively, especially in the evening. While at Pecs, you can visit Szechenyi Ter,  Victor Vasarely Museum where you can view his computer-generated masterpieces from the 19070’s. You can also visit the Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, Király street and Pécs Cathedral which are the three must-see spots in Pecs.

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Where is Hungary’s capital city?

Hungary is a beautiful country which  is centered around Budapest. It is by far the largest city with its population of 2 million, and it is also home to the majority of the country’s cultural, scientific, academic and artistic institutions. Budapest has over 30 theatres,  200 museums and about 1000 art galleries in the city. Budapest is also known as a sparkling “UniverCity” – the city is full of students from all around the world, with an amazing night-life, festivals and numerous programs for youth.

What is Hungary known for?

Although, Hungary is a small country, it is rich in natural resources. The country also has a very beautiful landscape well-known for its wealth of thermal and mineral water sources. It is often called the land of waters, and the thermal lakes and baths attract thousands of tourists to the country throughout the whole year.

Lake Balaton : also known as the ‘Hungarian Sea’, is the largest lake in Central Europe.This place is a popular destination for locals and foreign tourists. Besides the amazing views and beaches, the region is also famous for its beautiful hills, rural charm and vineyards, which have been cultivated and producing wine since Roman times. 

Is Hungary interested in tourism?

Hungary has  a long history of tourism. It was the world’s thirteenth most visited tourist destination country in 2002. Tourism increased close to 7 percent between 2004 and 2005. European visitors comprise more than 98 per cent of Hungary’s tourists. Austria, Germany, and Slovakia make the largest numbers of visitors to the country. Most tourists arrive by car and stay for a short period of time Hungary’s tourist season is from April through October. July and August are the best tourist months. Budapest is the country’s most popular tourist destination and it’s the capital city of Hungary.

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