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Are you aware of the tourist attractions centres or best places to visit in Laos?Looking for a beautiful country for a getaway? Are you planning for a fun vacation with friends or family? Then, the unexplored country of Laos is the best destination for you.

Laos People Democratic Republic is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Almost three-quarters of Laos is covered in mountains and forested hills that are too steep to live on.

There are many best places to visit in Laos that are worth serious consideration. Ranging from  the highlands in the north of the country to the 4000 islands in the Mekong River to the south, visitors will fall in love with a country where time often seems to have stopped. 

Below is the list of the best places in Laos that you should consider.

List of the best places to visit in Laos 2024

There are several beautiful and amazing places to visit in Laos for tourists purposes both for international visitors and the locals consumption.

Below is the list of the best places to visit in Laos:

1. That Luang:

That Luang is a national symbol of Laos and an imposing golden monument which reflect both the Buddhist religion and Laotian sovereignty.  This monument was built in 1566.

2. Vang Vieng:

Vang Vieng is a very beautiful green area, famous for its caves and waterfalls, cliffs and limestone loaves. It is a perfect site for water sports on the Mekong.

3. Luang Prabang:

The city of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO world heritage site with religious monuments and preserve colonial buildings. The city is also the ancient capital of Laos. Luang Prabang also has a number of tourists sites you can visit like; the caves of Pak Ou with their hundreds of effigies of Buddha who seems to watch over the waters of the Mekong, and the waterfalls of Kuang Si, which are among the most beautiful in Asia and where you can swim in natural pools.

4. Vientiane:

This is also the capital of Laos. It is a beautiful tourist destination to explore. The city has a decent number of restaurants that serve western food, which makes it even more unique for international. There aren’t too many attractions except for Patuxai (war monument) and the Buddha Park.

5. Nong Kiau:

Nong Kiau is a small beautiful town, few hours drive away from Luang Prabang.  Some fun activities to engage in while in Nong Kiau includes ; Aerial adventures, boating, kayaking, mountain hikes and nature park visits.

6. The plain of jars:

These are remnants from the Stone Age. These stone containers can weigh up to around six tones. The destination to this scenery site is filled with tribal villages.

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List of Tourist Attraction Centers in Laos:

1. Tham Konglo Caves:

Also known as the Konglor Caves, is a mysterious cave which has it location at Central Laos. The limestone formations, 300 feet tall ceilings and the Nam Hin Bun River that flows through the cave leave travelers wonder in amazement.

2. Kuang Si waterfall:

Kuang Si waterfall in Luang Prabang is the best place to visit for couples honeymoon vacation. The area is gorgeous, not to mention the swarm of butterflies which make the place magical. It is a great place for a swim.

3. Champasak:

This is a sleepy town which locates near to 4000 islands. Internet connectivity is poor but nature is at its best here. Tourists mostly visit this place during the Champasak festival.

4. Don Dhet :

This is one of the 4000 islands and the most  frequently visited island where travelers enjoy the evenings with music and wine.

5. Thakhek:

Thakhek is a beautiful tourist attraction center in Laos, most of the travelers hires motorbike and explore the mountains and rivers. Some of the popular attractions are Tham Nang Aen, Tham Pa Fa (Buddha Cave), Tham Sa Pha In, Tham Xieng Liap and Falang.

List of interesting things to do in Laos:

Below is the list of some of the interesting activities you should engage in while in Laos:

  • Visit and explore the Konglo Caves. You can take a boat trip into the cave when the water is low.
  • Discover the marvels of Bolaven Plateau. This is one of the cultural and traditional site in Laos.
  • Explore and sightsee around Luang Prabang.
  • Visit the Wat Phu Temple in the province of Champasak. This is one of the most famous temple complexes.
  • Explore the city of Vientiane.
  • Eat and shop by Luang Prabang night market.
  • Visit and see the golden stupa in Vientiane.
  • Visit the Kuang Si waterfall .
  • Try out Laos indeginous meals
What is the official language of Laos?

The official language use in Laos People Democratic Republic is Lao. It is the most popular and widely used language in the country, especially for administrative purposes.

Other languages are also used in the country,such as;Khmu, Hmong, Phu Thai, Tai, English and French.

Where is the capital city of Laos?

The capital city of Laos is in Vientiane, although,it was formerly in Luang Prabang.  Vientiane is situates on a plain  northeast of the Mekong River. The city’s central river port location in a country relying heavily on rivers for transportation. The surroundings of this city is an hinterland of intensive rice cultivation which have made Vientiane the major economic centre of Laos.

As a country with hilly and mountain sites. It’s a perfect tourist destination for hiking and exploration of nature. Visit our website for more interesting articles.



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