Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia for Foreigners 2024/2025

Are you looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Indonesia for foreigners 2024/2025? Do you wish to work in this part of the Asian Country?  Are you in search of an Indonesian job with visa sponsorship? Before now Indonesia was formerly called the Republic of Indonesia. This country is located between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean along the Southeast Asian and the Oceanian Republic.

If you are visiting this country for the first time as a foreign national for tourism this country will allow you to have access to a 30-day visit visa to the country. Most reasons why foreign nationals move into the country include in search for work, relocation purposes, business meetings, and other social activities. Generally, foreign nationals who wish to work in the country must apply for work with visa sponsorship before they can work in the country.

In this article, we have a comprehensive report for those who are looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Indonesia.  You will see a list of career opportunities in Indonesia that gives visa sponsorship and the criteria you must meet before you apply for the visa.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Indonesia for Foreigners 2024/2025

Here is the list of visa sponsorship jobs that are available in Indonesia for foreigners:

  • Manager / Senior Manager – Consulting – Productivity (Back Office Transformation)
  • Digital Banking Consultant (DI &P) – Senior Associate
  • Public Relation Consultant
  • ID Strategy –  & – Director
  • Associate – IFS – Secretary and Admin
  • Director – Consulting – Productivity
  • Public Relations Associate
  • Manager – Assurance – Digital Services
  • Digital HR – Workforce Transformation Consulting – Associate

The Significant Purpose of Visa Sponsorship in Indonesia 

Applicants of visa sponsorship jobs in Indonesia are looking for local firms or local individuals in the country who are willing to sponsor their visa applications. Most of the visas that require sponsorship include:

  • Work Visas: This kind of visa can only be financed or sponsored by the local firm or local individual who is willing to bring foreign nationals to work in their country. All corporations that are willing to sponsor your way to Indonesia must be legitimate corporations to avoid issues with the home country.
  • Spouse Visas: The candidates who are eligible to apply for this kind of work visa are those spouses who are based in Indonesia. Holders of this kind of visa have the right to bring their spouse into the country without any issues with the government. 
  • There is an opportunity for corporations to apply for a work visa if they are looking forward to bringing their spouse to come and work in the country through a work visa.
  • Institutions in Indonesia are allowed to apply for social visas.
  • Business Visas: These kinds of visas are only issued to business owners and they are sponsored by companies. Before a company is eligible for this kind of visa he or she must be in business for six months or less.

Visa Sponsorship Letter Requirements

The procedure for applying for a sponsorship letter in Indonesia for a foreign national may require a lot of time due to recent amendments in their law. For a fast approach here are the criteria you must meet:

  • You must provide the application date
  • The same details of the applicant as displayed on the passport
  • Details of embassy application and address
  • You must provide the details of visa sponsors
  • You must provide a supporting document
  • Signature of the sponsor

What are the most well-paid jobs in Indonesia?

Here is the list of the most well-paid jobs in Indonesia:

  • Operations Director
  • Project Director
  • Head of Corporate Strategy 
  • Vice President, Data Science 
  • Vice President, Government Relations 
  • Country Sales Manager 
  • Risk Director 
  • C-suite Position Executives, Unsurprisingly, have some of the highest-paying occupations in Indonesia 


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