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 Are you in search of visa sponsorship jobs in Mongolia for foreigners? Do you need a job that guarantees a work visa? Or Are you a foreigner and you want to move to an East Asian country? Do you need a proven method that guarantees a work visa? Then you need to read this article till the end. We have all the information to land a visa sponsorship job.

If you are an expat and you are looking for ways to move to Mongolia in search of job opportunities there are numerous job opportunities in Mongolia.  The core things they focus on include construction, mining, oil, textile manufacturing, etc. Besides all the great features of the country, they are also open for foreign investors to come and invest in their country.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Mongolina for foreigners 2024/2025

The industry that pays the most salary in Mongolia is the mining industry.  Moreover, If you are looking forward to working in this country you must be fast to be among the mining workers. For those who are in the health or teaching sector, you will be far better than other local staff.

If you are an expatriate who is good at speaking native English you have great opportunities to teach it to Mongolian citizens who are open to learning the language. The amount you are going to earn will not just feed you it will create an avenue for you to save some money. 

Not just that alone those who are in media-based positions in English language publications have opportunities to work in this country and their salary is the same as English native speakers.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Mongolia for foreigners include:

  • Warehouse Storeman
  • Internal Control Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Head of Project Management Office
  • Communication Assistant, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Director Sales and Marketing
  • Civil Supervisor
  • Digital Sales Manager
  • Construction Supervisor
  • LMIA Senior Automotive Mechanic
  • LMIA Car Painter

What is the average income in Mongolia?

According to the report carried out in 2019 the average salary of Mongolian citizens was 966,000 MNT, which is approximately three hundred and ninety-four US dollars (394 USD) according to the exchange rate as of 2021. This therefore implies that the people of Mongolia citizens will continue to receive salary increments not just that alone but also their average income increment.

Work Visa Sponsorship 

A work visa is an authorization from the Mongolian government to foreigners that permits them to work in the country without any illegal issues for a certain period. 

 However, It takes a lot of time for you to apply for and collect a work visa in the country but after all the stress it is worth it when you finally collect the visa this process can be achieved faster through the help of an immigration lawyer.

How can I get Sponsorship?

If you want to move to Mongolia in search of job opportunities there are several ways you can get a job with visa sponsorship and one of the ways is to look at a job advertisement post in Mongolian that includes visa sponsorship alongside it.

You can go ahead and pitch local businesses in the country concerning offering you a job with visa sponsorship, besides that, you can reach or network with immigration lawyers in the country to help you with visa sponsorship jobs.

The best truth is that not all the companies in Mongolia are willing to sponsor their employees’ work visas but certain companies are financially buoyant enough to sponsor some of the employees’ work visas and you must always be on the lookout for these companies. 

Work Permits for Mongolia

If you are a foreigner in Mongolia for safety purposes you are authorized to obtain a work permit from the government. This work permit is only open to a foreigner who wants to work with the home-based company or else you won’t have access to it. 

The country has issued a specific number of quotas for each company. The specific number is 5% to 20% for each company. The procedure involved in collecting a work permit can be stressful. 

You must have a letter of invitation from your employer and the letter must be verified by the Mongolian Immigration Agency, the Labour and Welfare Agency,  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

Upon your arrival at Mongolina, your employer will make arrangements for your 30-day visa and it will be issued at your registered home address.

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