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Are you a tourist enthusiast? Looking for some of the best tourist destination to explore? The country Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. There are a number of best places to visit and tourist attraction centers to explore in the country.

Kyrgyzstan is one of the largest and stunning countries in Central Asia. This country is blessed  with breathtaking topography and picture perfect scenery. Kyrgyzstan is known for a lot of outdoor enthralling activities, making it a heaven for adventure enthusiasts.

Kyrgyzstan is a perfect destination for honeymoon vacations. In this article we will list out some of the best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan and many other relevant informations about Kyrgyzstan.

List of the best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan:

Below is the list of the best places to visit in krgyzstan for a memorable adventure:

  • Bishkek: Bishkek is the capital city and one of the best and beautiful places to visit in Kyrgyzstan. The city is Bordered by mighty Tian Shan Range. It is  famous as the doorway to Ala Archa National Park and Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains. It is a home to the state museums, art museums, galleries, opera and ballet theatre.
  • Ala Archa National Park: this park lies in the Tian Shan Mountains and it’s surrounded by alpine vegetation, presenting a spectacular terrain.  This site can be Accessible at anytime of the year and it is a perfect destination for outdoor activities.
  • Issyk kul Lake: is located  in the Northern part of Tian Shan Mountains. This is the second largest lake after the Caspian Sea . It is known for its tranquillity and scenic beauty and has been estimated to be discovered some 25 million years ago.
  • Karakol: this is one of the best places in Kyrgyzstan and one of the major tourist attractions. Karakol reflects the true culture and traditions of the country. This site is best for hiking, trekking, and sunset cruise.
  •  Osh: Osh and Bishkek shares some similarities in that they are both the cultural capital of the country.  Here, the displays of the beautiful amalgamation of Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik cultures and traditions usually takes place.
  • Burana: is a small hamlet in the Chuy Region but what makes it one of the best places to see in Kyrgyzstan is the historical Burana Tower and remnants of Balasagun. Burana Tower is one of the most popular historical minarets.This 25-meter-tall tower reflects rich history of Silk Caravans.

List of tourist attraction centers in Kyrgyzstan:

There are different attractive site to explore in Kyrgyzstan for a fun filled adventure. Below are the few tourist attraction centers listed for you:

  • Cholpon Ata: is famous for museums, famous statues, and monuments. If you are an indoor tourist enthusiast and you want to know more about the Kyrgyzstan culture, then, this destination is for you.
  • Song Kol Lake: is situate  at an elevation of 3000 m. It is the second largest lake in the country. Song Kol Lake is known for its heavenly beauty and serenity.
  • Kel Suu: it’s Set in the mountains bordering China. Kel Suu is one of the best places to visit  in Kyrgyzstan. This is a beautiful and captivating site with greenish-blue water. Perfect for swimming,diving and relaxation.
  • Jyrgalan Valley: this is one of the famous tourist attraction centers in Kyrgyzstan. It’s a perfect destination  for hiking, trekking, and skiing. This site is surrounded by virgin mountains and alpine forests.
  • Jeti Oguz : this is a famous tourist attraction center for tourists who loves hiking. It reside some 30minute drive from Karakol.

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Things to do while in Kyrgyzstan?

People may ask, what do I need to do during my visit to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan has a lot of fun activities to keep you glue and engage through out the period of your stay. Below is the list of fun activities you should try out:

  • Discover Soviet Architecture in Bishkek.
  • Sleep and relax in a yurt.
  • Visit Ancient Silk Road Cities.
  • Explore the Alpine Lake.
  • Try horse riding or horse trekking.
  • Relax on the shores of Issyk Kul.
  • See an eagle hunting demonstration.
  • Take a walk to Ala-Kul.
  • Visit Song Kul.
  • Try out the Kyrgyzstan indeginous meals.
  • Stop by the Burana Tower.
  • Go white-water rafting in Chon-Kemin.
  • See a different side of Kyrgyzstan in Osh.
What is the best time to visit Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan has four distinct seasons, which includes:

  • Winter (December-February) – During this time, temperatures can drop. This  period is best for winter sports.
  • Spring (March-May) – The weather starts to warm up, and the snow begins to melt. This is a great time to visit as the scenery is beautiful with the snow-capped mountains and the colorful flowers starting to bloom.
  • Summer (June-August) – This is the warmest season, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C (95°F) in some parts of the country. Summer is the best period for outdoor activities like hiking and trekking etc.
  • Fall (September-November) – The weather starts to cool down again, and the leaves on the trees change color. This is also the time when traditional Kyrgyz festivals take place.

It’s worth noting that Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country and the weather can vary greatly depending on the altitude and region you are visiting.

The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan depends on what you plan to do during your visit. 

We hope this article will help you plan your Kyrgyzstan vacation to perfection. Explore some of the listed best places to visit in Kyrgyzstan for memorable adventures.


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