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Do you have a dream of working in Iceland and you need a visa sponsorship job to the country of your dream,then, you are at the right page. Iceland is a modern European nation, it is ranked as one of the safest places to live and work in. Iceland offers everything one could  need, everything found in other developed countries can be also be found in Iceland.

Iceland is a country where majority of the employment opportunities  are open to everyone. However, only a small percentage of some positions are closed to the public, while others are accessible to the public which includes foreigners.

Although,Many  foreigners are  employed in Iceland, however,some employers are still reluctant to do so. In order to get Visa sponsored job in Iceland,It is important to note that all foreign nationals desiring to immigrate to Iceland must possess the necessary educational qualification and training in the applied skill. Also, in this article we will give details on all the specific informations needed for a successful visa Sponsorship Jobs and immigration.

We will intimate you with details on available Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Iceland for foreigners, requirements needed for a Visa Sponsorship Job,visa types and many other important things that you need to know.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Iceland for foreigners 2023/2024:

The following are the available visa sponsorship jobs  in Iceland for foreigners:

  • Sales Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Service Advisor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Consultant
  • Frontend Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • aluminium smelting
  • fish processing
  • geothermal power
  • hydropower
  • medical/pharmaceutical products
  • tourism.

Available Entry  Visa in Iceland for foreigners:

There are certain bodies and government owned organizations in Iceland who are responsible for immigration and labor, which are the Directorate of Immigration and the Directorate of Labor these two  organizations determine who requires documentation, and for what activities. They are also responsible for implementing and enforcing the rules as well as for processing and issuing work and residence permits.

There is a law in the country covering foreign nationals. This  law is called “The Foreign National Right to Work Act” and it is up to each individual or company to make sure they follow official requirements, terms and their conditions to avoid fines or terms of imprisonment. The first step is to check whether or not a visa or permit is required for whom they are sponsoring depending on the employee’s nationality, the purpose and the duration of stay.

Below are the work visa types available in Iceland for foreigners:

There are certain citizens who do not require Visa to enter Iceland,these group of people are the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and European Economic Area citizen as it is part of the Schengen area. All they do require is a valid national ID card.

Some countries are exempted from getting visa before entering into Iceland. These countries  can travel to Iceland for a maximum o 90-days within a 180-day period for holidays, family visits, business purposes, transit, and medical reasons – but not paid work, and need a valid passport. For longer stays, a D-Visa is required (granted once in a 12-month period).

All other citizens have to apply for a C-Visa (Schengen) for 90 days in a 6-month period. Apply at a Visa Application Center (VFSGlobal) or issuing local Icelandic Embassy/Consulate. For a longer stay, a D-Visa is required but restrictions apply.


Available Work permits type in Iceland for foreigners:

Members of the EFTA/EEA areas do not require a work permit to work or a residence permit to stay in Iceland, but they need to register for a National ID number.


Third Country Nationals (TCNs) needs a work permit, residence permit and an  entry visa if their  country is not visa-exempted. Work permits come under the auspices of the Directorate of Immigration and are then passed on to the Directorate of Labour which processes and issues the work permit. It is the prospective employer who has to apply for permission to employ a non-EEA/EFTA citizen.

  • Temporary Work Permits are granted the first time of applying for short-term contracts, for specific work/projects and for specific employers.
  • Unlimited Work Permits can be applied for if foreign nationals have lived in Iceland for three successive years or have a Residence Permit under the Foreign Nationals’ Right to Work Act or have been granted a temporary work permit on a previous occasion.

Requirements for a Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Iceland for foreigners:

Below are the different requirements for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Iceland for foreigners:

  • Passport taken  within six months before application.
  • Recent photographs complying with passport guidelines
  • Police clearance Certificate of residence country , with translation, if not in Icelandic or English
  • Health Insurance covering the first six months in Iceland
  • Completed application form for Residence Permit
  • Payment receipt for relevant residence permit attached to the work permit
  • Application for relevant temporary work permit signed by both parties, including the ‘opinion statement’ from relevant trade union regarding terms of employment, is also part of the work permit application re: collective agreements.
  • A prove of Residency in Iceland: Place of residence should be included OR registered within two weeks of arriving in the country when photographs are taken
  • Employment contract signed by both parties, which includes details of job and position (title) plus which pension fund registered with. Generally,residence permits are for two years but no longer than the work permit.
  • Labour Market Test: Proof the position has been advertised to local, European Economic Area (EEA) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) citizens
  • Employee’s curriculum vitae
  • Proof of professional experience, degrees, diplomas, and certificates proving the person is qualified for the position (and work permit applied for), which need to be in English or Icelandic – or translated
  • Confirmation that employers are liable for repatriation of employees should they become ill or have an accident, and the contract is cancelled through no fault of the employee.
  • Proof employee has funds to support his stay in Iceland (including the salary offered).

After all proceedings and the work permit and residence permit have been approved, applicants that require a visa to enter Iceland may  collect it from the relevant local consulate or embassy in their home country or appointed Visa Application Center. Employees must enter Iceland to be photographed, have their biometrics taken, and undergo a medical examination to receive their Residence Card.

The above details are the necessary information you may need to know regarding Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Iceland and how to get an opportunity to work in the country.

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