Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners 2024/2025 | Check job Vacancies Available Here

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for foreigners. Numerous professions in Kuwait provide excellent opportunities for ex-pats, drawing thousands of foreigners interested in working there. Kuwait provides an attractive job market for Foreigners.

Kuwait’s economy is dominated by the massive oil industry. Kuwait has crude oil reserves of around 104 million barrels, more than 8% of reserves worldwide. With Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait, Many expatriates working in Kuwait are employed in the oil sector. But due to the recent drop in oil prices, Kuwait’s economy has begun to go down.

Professionals with the right skills now have work prospects thanks to the nation’s petroleum-based economy. According to the World Bank, Kuwait is the fourth-richest nation in the world. Its unemployment rate is among the lowest in the whole globe.

The manufacturing sector is also dominated by oil products and is mainly export-oriented. Recently, the fastest-growing fields in the service sector have been real estate, business services, and Finance.

This article will focus on the Kuwait Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners, the types of work visas are available, Requirements for a job visa etc.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners 2024

Below is the list of available Kuwait Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

  • Operations Supervisor
  •  Personnel Assistant
  • Team Leader, Administration Services
  •  Passenger Services Manager
  •  Medical Delegate
  •  Personnel Assistant
  •  Receptionist
  •  Food and Beverage General Manager
  • Head of Operations
  • Administrator
  •  Mechanical Fitter
  • HR & Administration Officer
  • Call Center Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Admin Assistant
  • Work visa
  •  Marketing Executive


Types of available work permit for Foreigners in Kuwait:

All Nationals, with the exception of nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, have to obtain a work permit before they can take up employment in Kuwait. Work permits are only issued if the applicant has a valid employment offer.

The employer then functions as a sponsor for the expatriate employee while he or she is working in Kuwait. This means the company handles all the administrative work for you, from filing the visa application to opening your bank account. Also, your sponsor is responsible for you as long as you are resident in Kuwait and liable if you violate any regulations. As a result of this the funds for funding the entire immigration process is reduced on the part of the foreigner.

Below are the types of work visa available in Kuwait:

✓ Tourist visa: Holders of this visa may enter and exit Kuwait. Applicants just need to respond to a few questions and give some fundamental data, such as their contact information and passport number.

✓ Visitor visa: Depending on the purpose of the applicant’s trip, there are many categories for visitor visas. The applicant must be sponsored by a Kuwaiti business or relative to receive this visa.

✓ Resident visa: To reside in Kuwait, foreign nationals who are not members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) must submit an application for a residence permit.This visa is available in three different categories: work, domestic, and dependant.

✓ Entry visa: Employees in the public and private sectors who possess an entrance visa are qualified to grant visas for employment, which have a minimum application fee.


What are the Requirements for getting work visa in Kuwait?

The following are the requirements for work visa in Kuwait:

  •  National Identification documents
  •  Educational qualifications
  • Medical check
  • police clearance, in addition to recent photos.
  •  A test for HIV/AIDS

These are the minimum documents required for a Kuwaiti company/sponsor to begin the procedures of sponsoring an expat whether on a temporary basis (visa 14C), or on a permanent basis (visa 18).

What are the Application process ?

A copy of the work permit will be sent by Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Kuwaiti embassy in the resident’s nation.

A copy will also be sent to the Worker , so they may visit the embassy in person if need be.

The work permit must be delivered  and the NOC to the Ministry of Interior if your employees reside in a nation without a Kuwaiti embassy.

We hope this information has been able to give you an insight as to how to go about your Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Kuwait for Foreigners application.

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