Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Lithuania For Foreigners 2024/2025 | Check Available Job Positions

Are you looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Lithuania for foreigners 2024/2025? Do you wish to travel to Lithuania through a visa sponsorship job?  Are you in search of work that sponsors a work visa? It is possible to work in Lithuania only if you have a visa sponsorship job and if you get one you need to apply for a work permit before you can start working in the country. All the expenses that are involved in the process of acquiring the document from the Employment Service are incurred by your employer.

Before now this country was formerly known as the Republic of Lithuania. This country is one of the European Nations which is located in the Baltic Area. Among the three Baltic Areas Lithuania is one of the countries that is located in this Baltic Area and the location is at the Baltic Sea Eastern Shore. Over the years Lithuania has been one of the countries that is rated when it comes to employment opportunities. 

In this article, we have comprehensive information on how to get a visa sponsorship job in Lithuania for foreigners, a list of job opportunities that give visa sponsorship jobs to foreign nationals, and what you need to know about work permits.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Lithuania for Foreigners 2024/2025

Do you wish to know the list of visa sponsorship jobs in Lithuania for foreigners? Here is the list of it:

  • Information Technology Consultant 
  • Forecast Analyst
  • Junior Sales Manager 
  • IT Support Specialist 
  • Junior Database Administrator 
  • Customer Service Specialist 
  • Sales Development Representative 
  • Sales Representative 
  • Data Platform Engineer 
  • Software Engineer Back End (Senior)
  • Software Engineer Web Front End (Senior)
  • Data Analyst – Consulting Analytics 
  • Office Manager 
  • Support Engineer 
  • Marketing and PR Country Manager – Nordics and Baltics
  • Associate Research Analyst / Research Analyst

Requirements for Work Visa in Lithuania 

Once you are offered an opportunity to work in any company in the country, the employer must take care of all the expenses that are involved during the process of applying for a work visa for their employee. The main papers that you must provide to your employer include:

  • You need to provide your previous work experience for the job role you are applying for. 
  • You need to provide personal identification data

Besides the above details, all the employees must make sure that they apply for national visas added to the work permit they have gotten already. To get the national visa you need to provide the following details:

  • The use of electronic applications is required to complete the national visa application. 
  • You must provide a passport that was issued within the last ten years with available two or three blank pages which must be valid for up to three months or more.
  • You must provide a colour passport photograph.
  • Your employer’s letter of mediation needs to be filed online. 
  • You must provide a permit to work
  • Proof showcasing your income level and cash

Categories of Work Visa in Lithuania 

Certain rules and laws in the country guide everybody who wants to work in the country. This country is among the European Union meaning that all the countries under this body can visit the country without a work permit.

Those who are not part of the European Union need to provide the following details: a work permit and a visa that will allow you to stay in the country. A national visa is one the visas that you need to possess as a foreign national before you can work in the country.


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