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It is one thing to get a job in Moldova as a foreigener and another to get a Job that comes with visa Sponsorship in Moldova or any other part of the world. Visa Sponsorship Jobs for foreigners helps you migrate from your country of residence to any other country of your choice for work purpose.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Moldova  for foreigners gives opportunity to foreign Nationals who are interested in working in Moldova. It also helps them migrate without the burden of visa processing expenses on them. The economy of Moldova since it’s independence has gradually  developed over the years and seen consistent, significant growth since 1999. After declaring independence in 1991, Moldova experienced the slow dissolution of its Soviet industrial economy, and has spent the last two decades transitioning to a new market economy founded mainly on a growing service sector, which contributes more than 65% of its overall GDP.

Other significant sectors include industry (20%) and agriculture (15%) which produces the country’s main exports, including Moldovan wine, soybeans, sugar beets, tobacco and wheat. The warm climate means that Moldova is suited to growing crops, and as such agriculture is one of the country’s main employers.

With the fast developing rate of the country’s economy,there are varieties of visa sponsorship jobs available in the country for foreign Nationals. This article will give the list of Visa Sponsorship Jobs available in Moldova, types of available job permits, the requirements as well as the procedures involved in getting a visa sponsorship job in Moldova.

List of available Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Moldova for Foreigners 2023/2024

  • Junior Trader
  • Junior Analyst
  • Junior Quantitative Analyst
  • Growth Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Agile Program Manager
  • Director of Engineering – Growth
  • Senior Growth Product Manager
  • Senior Director of Product Management (Platform)
  • Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Team
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer, Marketing Tools Team
  • Senior Director of SEO
  • Senior Back-end Engineer Coach, Top Academy Team
  • Senior iOS Engineer
  • Manager, Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Policy specialist
  • Embedded Engineer
  • Senior Mobile QA Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • Customer Representative (French Language)
  • Travel Data Analyst
  • Freelance Player Support Agent

What are the Available Work permits types in Moldova for Foreigners?

Moldova Work Visa is an important requirement for anyone who wants to make ends meet in Moldova. It is very important and necessary as a foreigner national hoping to work in Moldova to get a Moldova visas as part of any travel plan to Moldova. However, there are four types of Moldova visas available to foreigners. Below are the different types of work visa in Moldova Available for foreigners:

1. Moldova Short-Stay Visa:

The Moldova short stay visa is also known as a Type C visa, it allows tourists to travel to Moldova for a period of up to three months.

This type of visa allows individuals from different countries to travel to Moldova for tourism, Business meetings,cultural activities, and tourism excursions. This visa can be obtained at moldovan consulate of your country.

2. The Transit Visa:

This type of Moldova visa is called the  Type B visa it  allows individuals to travel through Moldova and onto another country without having to apply for a new visa in each country. this Moldova visa type does not permit working in Moldova,they are only valid for maximum of five days. Hence, you must show your passport, your plane ticket, and proof of onward travel.

3. Moldova Long-Stay Visa:

Moldova long-stay visa is a Type D visa, which allows foreigners to live in Moldova for more than three (3) months.

Moldova long-stay visa is one that is mostly use for work, businesses, humanitarian reasons, education, family – integration, and research purposes.

Most importantly, foreigners must have a valid passport and be able to provide proof of financial stability and health insurance.

4. Moldova Airport Transit Visa

The Moldova Airport transit visa is a Type A visa, this visa type allows foreign nationals to transit through Moldova’s airports for a period not exceeding 30 days.


What are the necessary requirement for a Moldovan work visa?

Below are the necessary requirement for a work visa in Moldova for foreigners:

  • Genuine document of an employment contract with a Moldovan firm.
  • Two-passport photo in 35mm x 45mm dimensions.
  • Police Report from  applicant’s home country.
  • Evidence of applicant residence in Moldova.
  • A Passport or equivalent travel document issued within the last ten years and valid for at least three months beyond the date of departure from Moldova.
  • Travel health coverage that covers a minimum of €30,000 for the duration of your trip.
  • Work permit from the Ministry of Economy’s National Agency for Employment.
  • copy of the good opinion was provided to the employer by Moldova’s National Employment Agency.
  • A copy of any documentation proving the applicant’s employment credentials.
  • A visa application form
  • National identity card of the applicant.
  • A medical document proving that the applicant tested negative for HIV and AIDS.
  • Documents verifying the activity of the employer, such as financial reports of the business, etc.

What are the Application process for a work permit in Moldova?

There are many processes to follow when applying for a work permit in Moldova. Most Foreign Nationals who wishes to work in Moldova usually secure work in Moldova first before applying for a work permit, as your prospective employer can then apply on your behalf.

Applications for work permits are usually made to the National Agency for Employment of the Ministry of Economy, and the individual must satisfy a number of criteria listed above already before the work permit can be granted, including taking a HIV test and providing evidence that they have a place of residence already secured. The individual must also have a long-stay visa in place before applying for the work permit.

With this article, your dream of working in Moldova will not only be a dream, rather a reality as you put this piece into consideration. You can apply for any of the above listed Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Moldova for foreigners.

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