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Are you looking for skilled and unskilled work in Peru? Do you need a job in Peru with Visa Sponsorship? Any legal work in Peru requires a work visa. In this article you will have access to a company in Peru that sponsors the work visa of their potential employee. In Peru, the rules and regulations governing the hiring of foreigners are very strict.

Before they consider an employee to work with them the employer must consider the job vacancy for that role before you are hired, Peru is in Latin America and is regarded as a fast-rising economy. See more details about Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Peru for Foreigners hereunder.

This alone is the major reason why people who are looking to work in the financial, banking, mining, and service industries will have a challenge in getting a job that matches their profession. Other professions that are also affected by getting a job in Peru include technical professionals seeking to work in agriculture, engineering, mining, IT, and healthcare are greatly affected.

Lima, which is the capital city of Peru, offers the highest employment rate. About one-third of their labor force is working and those who are privileged to have degrees are the highest-paid set of people.

In this article you will discover how to get a job opportunity in Peru with Visa Sponsorship and the skills you can have that will guarantee fast employment in Peru.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Peru for Foreigners 2023/2024

The list below includes names of jobs that support Peru work Visas for foreigners in Peru 2023/2024.

  • Customer Service
  • Project Officer
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Project Management
  • Distribution Partner
  • English teacher
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Hotel Administration

Categories of Work Visa in Peru

As a foreigner, if you are moving to Peru to work in the country you need to apply for a business or tourist visa. This type of visa permits foreigners to work in the country legally without any issues or disturbance from the immigration officer.

The duration of this business visa before it expires is 90 days while the duration for a tourist visa before it expires is 90 days to 183 days during this period you can go and apply for a work permit in Peru.

To apply for a Peru work Visa you must pass through Peru’s General Directorate of Immigration and Neutralization (DIGEMIN). And the criteria before you can apply for this work visa is you must be an employee working with any organization.


Work Visa Conditions in Peru

Before you can apply for a Peru work Visa you might have to enter Peru legally with your visa at hand and also have the following details:

  • A valid passport that will last for at least six months immediately after you enter Peru.
  • The copies of the front and back of the passport.
  • Submit two copies of the completed visa application.
  • Submit a copy of a signed cover letter containing the purpose of your visit to Peru.
  • An itinerary that explains how long you will be staying in Peru
  • Provide financial evidence regarding your trip to Peru which includes your financial statements.
  • Letter of no objection by the person who has given you employment.

Best Job Opportunities in Peru

Peru’s Ministry of Education stated an expertise that will be in demand in the country; the profession includes those with technical and scientific knowledge in engineering, healthcare, statistics, and IT. They further added other fields and specialties that will get the fastest employment rate in the near future:

  • Cybernetic Security Specialists
  • Statistical Analysts
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Food Scientists
  • Civil Engineers
  • Health Assistants
  • Software Programmers

We have other fields and specialties that there is an increased demand for which include foreign commerce, finance, sales, and marketing activities.

list of the top 10 technical jobs in Peru that pay the highest wages:

  • Fishing Technology
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance – Mechanical Engineering
  • Communication Sciences
  • Road Civil Construction
  • Design
  • Electric Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Civic Construction
  • Oil, Metallurgy, and Mining Engineering
  • Interior Architecture

In-Demand Skills in Peru

There is a fast-growing rate in employment aspects for those in Peru specifically for those in specialties, Professionals with experience, specialty in technology are in demand in Peru for employment opportunities.

People with soft skills are also in In-Demand skill employers are looking for them to use their socio-emotional skills to solve a problem, and individuals with aptitude to gather and evaluate Industry-specific data are also in high demand.

Here is the list of high-demand characteristics from employees looking to work in Peru:

  • IT knowledge
  • Responsibility
  • Pro-activity
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Teamwork

Besides the listed in-demand skills another skill that is required from you is English proficiency. This is specifically for when you are working with foreign clients.


This article is to help those who are looking for Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Peru for 2023/2024. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Peru for 2023/2024 which include the type of visa you need to have, how to apply for a work visa, conditions to apply for a work visa, and the skills that you need to possess before you can work in Peru.

If you have any questions regarding Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Peru for 2023/2024 feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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