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Are you in search of visa sponsorship jobs in Yemen? Are you looking for a company that sponsors work visas? Do you wish to work in Yemen as a foreigner? Have you been wondering whether it is possible to obtain visa sponsorship jobs? This and many more questions disturbing your mind will be addressed in this article.

The Republic of Yemen is a country that is recognized in western Asia and they are located at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula. They also share a border with north Saudi Arabia and northeast Oman and also share maritime borders with Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia.

In this article, we have comprehensive details that you need to know about visa sponsorship jobs in Yemen for Foreigners 2024/2025.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Yemen for Foreigners 2024/2025

Here is the list of visa sponsorship jobs in Yemen for those who are looking forward to work in the country:

  • Supply Chain Management Officer
  • Manager, Finance and Administration
  • FEC Operations Manager 
  • Child Protection Coordinator
  • Senior Evaluation and Learning Officer (EFD) Sector
  • Senior Mental Health and Psychological Support Officer
  • Data Solution Engineer 

Does a Visit to Yemen require a Visa?

It is mandatory for everyone who is visiting the country for the first time to obtain their Visa. For foreign nationals, all their visas are always valid for 30 days only. As an individual, you can easily grab a tourist visa at your local embassy. To know more about visiting the country for visa sponsorship jobs or tourists you can go ahead and contact the Yemeni embassy in your country. Only those of Yemeni descent are permitted to visit the country without a Visa.

Kinds of Jobs available in Yemen

Part-time jobs

Once you visit Yemen you have an opportunity to work with many tourist industries in the country as a part-time worker.  Although the work doesn’t pay well it is good for younger ones who are looking for a means of income without hoping to save. For example, bar attendants are making money that can help them renew their rent without having any issues.

Foreigners who are doing part-time work collect their wages or salary in cash and this alone limits them from getting visa sponsorship since their work is not a full-time job. I know you might not take this as a challenge. It is necessary to know that employers can use these factors to exploit you as a staff member. Moreover, all workers must have protective coverage against dishonesty that is associated with employers.

Teaching English in Yemen

Teachers who are not able to gain sponsorship jobs in Yemen can still navigate their way by contacting schools that are operating in the country about job vacancies for teachers. As an English teacher, you need to possess a higher degree in your field and obtain the necessary qualifications.

Before working in the country as an English teacher one of the things you must provide includes a copy of your diploma, teacher credentials, a copy of your resume, and a passport photograph. Although there is still an opportunity for those who don’t have teaching credentials to get hired as an English teacher, keep all your documents intact.

How to find an organization willing to sponsor your work visa 

Here is an enumeration of all methods you can use and get visa sponsorship jobs:

  • Google global consulting firm.
  • Find a Boutique consulting firm.
  • Look for an internship.
  • Apply for the position you wish to serve.
  • Use the H1B database and search for recent jobs available in the industry.
  • Use the H1B database to find visa sponsorship.


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