Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Armenia for Foreigners 2024/2025 | Current Skilled/Unskilled jobs openings

Are you looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia in 2024/2025? Several work opportunities for foreign nationals who wish to work in Armenia. Some of the roles in the occupation are occupied by foreign nationals who just entered the country. Some of the major businesses of this country that boost their economy are textile manufacturing and chemical processing.

Only these industries alone have been a major contributor to their Gross Domestic Profit (GDP). Foreign nationals who are interested in working in the country must first apply for a work permit. The procedure of getting a work permit is one of the things your potential employer must apply on your behalf.

Before your potential employer must apply on your behalf they must meet certain requirements or standards and one of them is that the role must not be occupied by any citizen of the country. Therefore it’s necessary to review your job role to make sure you have jobs that are available in line with their requirements and standards.

In this article, we have a comprehensive list of things you need to know about visa sponsorship jobs in Armenia 2024/2025 for foreign nationals who wish to work in the country.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Armenia for Foreigners 2024/2025

For those who are looking for well-paying jobs in Armenia. Here is a comprehensive list of it:

Teaching Jobs in Armenia:

So many teachers who traveled in the past to Armenia were only volunteers. But for interested teachers who are ready to teach the English language in the country must possess a TEFL certificate. Those who wish to teach in their international or private schools must go to Yerevan, Armenia’s Capital; this is where the majority of their international or private schools are located.

Tutoring/Teaching Jobs:

In a year this country accounts for several tutoring and teaching jobs all through the year. According to their school calendar, all schools resume in September and recruitments for teachers start in January and February. Professionals like English teachers and those who are willing to volunteer have an opportunity to work with them all through the year.

Driver’s Job:

Do you know how to drive and do you wish to drive in this country as a foreign national? If so you have an opportunity to work in the country as a seasoned driver with an opportunity to carry your family alongside you. Once you land in the country they have many agencies who can assist you with a green card and the opportunity to work with the major transportation firms. 

Moreover, the major drivers in the country are truck drivers who possess the majority of transportation firms in the country. As a driver, you are placed in charge of moving goods from one place to another and for those who are truck drivers, you will be in charge of handling big trucks or bulldozers efficiently.

Caregiver Jobs:

As a caregiver, you have an opportunity to work in Armenia. The work of a caregiver is to help humanity with essential care and support. The major tasks as a caregiver include showering and preparing meals. Their ideal clients include disabled adults, veterans, and elderly persons who are recently discharged from the hospital following operations.

One of the criteria you must possess before becoming a caregiver in the country is that you must possess a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree in general education (GED).

Hotels/Restaurant Jobs:

Due to the development of the city, the need for hotels and restaurants is increasing and there is greater demand for workers to assist in providing their services to prospects.

Types of Work Visa in Armenia

  • Official visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Transit visa

Registration Procedure for Work Permit

As an employer, for you to apply for a work permit on behalf of your staff you must provide the following documents to MLSA:

  • You must provide a type of application.
  • You must provide your employee photograph information on your passport.
  • Diploma certificate showcasing his/her qualifications for this role.
  • Two photograph passports.
  • Proof of payment of government taxes.

Ways to find work as a Foreign National in Armenia

Below is a list of sites recommended for you to give a try. The majority of this site has good reviews and through it, you can land one of your dream jobs.


If you have any queries concerning visa sponsorship jobs, please leave them in the comments section below. You can also bookmark us to get the most latest information.


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