Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Foreigners 2024/2025 | Latest Skilled/Unskilled Job Vacancies & Requirements

Someone just asked me how to get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Foreigners? We have visa sponsorship jobs that can sponsor your way to Bosnia and Herzegovina. What you need to know before getting a job as a foreigner in Bosnia and Herzegovina is you must get a work permit.

We have a lot of rules and regulations that guide recruitment firms in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Countries.  Before they can employ any foreigner to work in their firm and one of the restrictive rules is that no firm is allowed to have more than 30% foreigners working in their firm.

In this article, we will provide all the information that you need concerning visa sponsorship job vacancies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for foreigners in 2024/2025 you will get to know how to secure your first job as a foreigner in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Sponsorship Jobs for Foreigners 2024/2025

If you are looking for a visa sponsorship job in Bosnia and Herzegovina here is a comprehensive list of it.

  • Junior Trader
  • Tableau Developer, Business Analytics Team
  • UX Researcher
  • Agile Program Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Manager, Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Senior Director of Product Management (Platform)
  • Director of Engineering
  • Senior Director of Product Management (Platform)
  • SEO Outreach Specialist
  • Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Team
  • Senior Software Engineer in Test
  • Senior Director of SEO
  • Senior Back-end Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Senior Full Stack Engineer, Marketing Tools Team
  • Senior iOS Engineer


Recruitment agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Below is the list of recruitment agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Remote Technology Services, Inc.
  • Cigna Global
  • ASN, Advisory Services Network AG

Work visa categories in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foreign employees must have both a work permit and a temporary residency permit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently applying to join the European Union (EU), Bosnia and Herzegovina has a visa system that is comparable to that of the EU. Bosnia and Herzegovina does not require a visa for entry, and visitors may remain up to 90 days within a 180-day period.

A temporary residence permit application must be made at the local field office of the Foreigners’ Affairs Department of the Ministry of Security by anybody planning to stay in the nation for more than three months. The application for a temporary residence permit must be made at least 15 days before the expiration of the three-month visa-free period. A 12-month extension is possible for a temporary residency permit.

Eligibility for Work Visas in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The country has numerous work visa and permits requirements, including:

  • Information about the employee, such as official names, birthdates, addresses, and other details.
  • information regarding the nature and working circumstances of the employee’s job.
  • details about your business, including your registration number.
  • a justification in writing for selecting a foreign worker over a local one.
  • One of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s official languages was used to translate the foreigner’s diploma.

Along with the employee’s passport and diploma, the government also requires your company’s tax identification number and proof of financial stability. Additionally, you must show proof that you covered all of the administrative costs associated with obtaining a working visa or permission for Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We have a lot of visa sponsorship jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for you to qualify for this job you need to possess any of the listed skills in this article.

To ensure that you don’t have issues with the Bosnia and Herzegovina government you must meet all their criteria before you can work in their country and one of them is having a work visa.

We have a lot of agents who help people to secure a job in a foreign country, always make sure you have proof to show to the Bosnia and Herzegovina government that you have been employed by a firm to work in their country before they can grant you a work visa.

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