Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners 2024/2025 | Check Available Job Positions

There are a large number of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners which can be helpful for candidates who want to work in the country. The Government has granted employers and registered businesses in the country permission to hire candidates from abroad. The companies offer thousands of job opportunities to foreigners.

By working in New Zealand with a sponsored visa, individuals may accumulate points towards residency applications and potentially apply for permanent residency in the future.

Visa sponsorship also known as a work visa, is really important and of great significance to individuals seeking employment in the country. Visa sponsorship may also grant individuals access to certain benefits and entitlements available to legal workers in New Zealand. A work visa or visa sponsorship is a legal requirement for most foreign nationals.

This article will list out the best Visa sponsorship jobs available in New Zealand, the different types of work permit available etc.

List of New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs for foreigners 2024

The following are Visa Sponsorship Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners:

  1. Health and Safety Administrator
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Health Consultant
  4. Senior Environment Concept Artist
  5. Senior Brand Manager
  6. Senior Support and Software Engineer
  7. Maintenance Services Representatives
  8. Trade Marketing Specialist
  9.  Registered Midwife
  10. Small Animal Veterinarian
  11. Mental Health Registered Nurse
  12. Paediatric Speech Therapist
  13. Paediatric Occupational Therapist
  14. Customer Service/Receptionist
  15. Community Psychiatric Nurse
  16. Field Service Technician
  17. Architectural Practice Manager.

Who can sponsor a job visa applicant?

organisations, corporate establishments and Registered companies can sponsor your application, depending on the visa you apply for.

  • A sponsor can be :
  • New Zealand citizen
  • Someone who has held a New Zealand residence visa for at least 3 years – as long as it has no section 49 conditions
  • A refugee, if they are sponsoring a family member to come to New Zealand
  • An organisation registered in New Zealand as a company, incorporated society or charitable trust
  • A government agency – for example a tertiary education provider or a school’s board of trustees
  • A community organisation who are well recognize by the Government .

What are the types of Job Visa available in New Zealand?

Every Foreigner employee willing to work in New Zealand has to apply for a work visa. In New Zealand, there are 3 major types of work permits issued:

1) Temporary Work Visas:

This type of New Zealand work permit can be obtained:

  • If you have a confirmed job offer from a New Zealand employer.
  • If you are traveling to New Zealand to attend an event or for a specified purpose.
  •  If you are interested in accumulating work experience.
  • If you’re willing to join a business partner in the country and also continue the professional or business responsibilities.

2) Essential skills work visa:

  • This is issued out based on the Australian and New Zealand standard classification of occupations also known as ANZSCO. It ranges from level 1 (the high skilled jobs) to 5 (low skilled jobs).
  • For the ANZSCO skill level 1-3, a maximum of 3 years duration New Zealand work permit visa is issued.
  • If your occupation falls in the ANZSCO skill levels 4 and 5, the maximum duration of a 1-year work permit visa is issued.
  • For the ANZSCO level 1 visa, a maximum duration of a 5-year work visa is issued.

3) lastly, The Entrepreneur work Visa:

This is a three year Zealand work permit which is issued out to entrepreneurs. It helps them to relocate to New Zealand for establishing or purchasing a business.This work permit is issued in two stages:

Start-up stage: In this stage, you will be issued a 12-month work visa to buy or establish a business in New Zealand.

Balance stage: In this stage, you will be issued a 24-month work permit that is the remaining from the 3 years of entrepreneur work visa.

What are the Documents required for getting a work permit in New Zealand?

Below are the list of very important documents needed to process your work permit in New Zealand:

  • passport-sized color photographs of you taken within the timeline of 6 months.
  • Your passport or travel document which is valid for at least 3 months from the date one is required to go to their home country
  • Your medical and chest X-ray certificates
  • Police certificates from your citizenship country or any country where you have lived for a minimum of 5 years till 17 years of age
  • Your job offer letter includes: employer’s name, employee’s name and address, your designation along with role and responsibilities, address of the place of employment, pay and conditions of employment, qualifications and experience requirements, confirmation of whether or not registration in New Zealand is required, duration of the job and the duration of job availability.

How can I get sponsored to work in New Zealand?

The organisation must:

  1. be registered in New Zealand as a company, incorporated society or charitable trust.
  2. show a clear link between its activities and the reason they want to sponsor you to come to New Zealand, and.
  3. authorise a contact person to represent them and be responsible for your sponsorship.

How can I migrate to New Zealand from Nigeria?

procedures required for Visa application include:

  1. Visit New Zealand immigration official website at
  2. Create an account and input your correct details.
  3. Submit your application form and documents.
  4. Pay for your visa application.
  5. Print the form and take it to the Visa Application Centre.


We hope this article has been able to answer some of your very important questions as regards visa sponsorship jobs in New Zealand and the needed documents for a successful process.

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